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The hardest thing in the world to do is to accomplish a lot AND lead others to do the same at the same time. You must not only be willing to learn the learning and talk the talk, but walk the walk as well. To do that we must all choose a wall to knock down and begin the exacting process of convicting the wrong-doers. I will be choosing the "Right to Travel" issue and will show everyone else who wishes to know, exactly how to go about securing this right.

Just so all who read this knows, it is currently 1:55 am est. This is the only time I can do this. I work for myself full time 12/7 for at least the next thirty days. I'm doing this voluntarily of my own accord because I believe in the cause of true freedom. I almost never get more than three hours sleep. Try that for a few years. I'm not bragging, this is just my life, if you want to call it that. I could use a break. I have to be at work by 4 am if I'm going to get anything done today. However,

On to the issue at hand;

Right to Travel - Forms

is only a link because I have already written up some forms designed to establish Prime Facie evidence of the "fraud". So enjoy the reminder. I will soon follow with other info later.

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I will soon be trying it

I too will be venturing out soon among the unwashed.

In a recent traffic case, I learned something of value.  If you send an Affidavit of Truth to the DMV and the Atty. General stating your position that driving is a commercial activity and outside the jurisdiction of the DMV Code and state within it that a failure to answer means that the position in the Affidavit is true by default.  State within the Affidavit that should you be arrested for a violation of the DMV Code, they will be subpoenaed for the purpose of proving your intent was not to break the law.  Proving intent to commit a crime is an element of every crime, but it is almost never addressed by the prosecution.  Do you think the Atty General or the Director of the DMV is going to make an appearance?  Not likely.

However, you should be aware that you are on the hook to pay for the expenses of the person who is subpoenaed.  It is open as to whether you have to pay for his/her lost wages.


First of all, good to hear from you again.

Second, I will be publishing and broadcasting to the membership the exact forms I will be filing. They will consist of defined and structured stages that are needed to build the ladder of prime facie evidence of "the fraud". Because that's what it is. Fraud!

The first step is to nail them down with their own rules. Then when they get stuck behind the words with no authority to implement any of them, you will have them in clear default and dishonor.

Notices of Default must then be the next step, with time limits before final notice is then sent, and criminal complaints are then filed with bonds, oaths, authorities and jurisdictions all on the table and their jobs all hanging in the balance.

Like I said, I will be showing you all what I will be filing. Every letter, every notice, every word, as is.

They will all be part of the new series, "Letters From The Editor" as is this article also a part.

They will probably be subtitled "Notices". Watch for them as they appear to stay up to date.

Greetings all, I recently joined Constitution Club and tonight joined the Grayson county group Texas Territory. I hope I can be of service when, where and how I can. I am forced to stay here on Parole from a wrongful arrest, conviction and sentenced to prison for a tail light out and felony fleeing from a man I “knew” was a peace officer. To date I have not ascertained that the man was or is a peace officer and am utilizing the FOIA and Open Records Act to find the truth. I suffered a stroke and return of cancer while jailed for 8-1/2 months in Grayson county jail and state prison and we are evicted at the end of the month with no work or place to go. To top that off I want to appeal and sue the city for their illegitimate cop who refused to produce his state issued ID that fateful night a year ago at 12 midnight.

I just got off the phone with Keith Broaders after seeing the note "If you would like to know how you can raise all of the money you would need to fund the causes you believe in call Keith Broaders at 951-282-3271." My cause is the very basic right to travel unfettered to go to assembly to bring the Good News of Christ to every creature!  My wife and I have been persecuted for many years over this issue and when we came visiting Texas, we became forced into being property of the corporate state. If you want to know more go to my web page at and read about the detail and donate if you feel it is a worthy cause to put these criminals, backed by wrong-doer-attorney’s, in prison and make them pay! I have a paralegal ready to put together my Writ of Habeas Corpus and Appeal Brief to revive my right to appeal that I waived under extreme duress, extreme distress and insufficient assistance of counsel (court forced after my mental breakdown while in solitary confinement for six months). Court forced was the city judge T. Scott Smith! buddies w/judge Gary, son of Sheriff Gary and all those in the goobernot in citys, county and the fed courts!!!!! Oh Boy!!!! What a county... second worst in the state I'm told by state prison workers. The All Mighty must have a good work for me in this area to tear down their idols.

Let me know when and where the next assembly is and maybe a tent space for my wife and I to stay. I am having a yard sale this week – Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday to sell everything we own since I do not have a truck to tow my 6x12 cargo trailer to nowhere???  Stop by and see us at 20492 West US Hwy 82, Sherman ½ mile east of the 289 hwy bridge. Phone 903-EightOneNine-3134. I look forward to helping and praying for y’all.  Karl & Debi


First, let me say WOW!

Second, tell us what state you're in.

Third, I am looking for that size Cargo trailer.

Fourth, We will be tearing down their false idols soon, starting with the gold fringed flag.

Fifth, I think we ALL need to find a way to assemble in The Middle of Nowhere very soon.

Will keep everyone apprised here.


Morton IX

Site Administrator


I'm in a state of bliss with my heavenly Father, His Son, the Holy Spirit, my loving wife and our dog Rockie. We are currently staying on Sherman city, Grayson county, NE Texas near the Red River. My health has improved greatly with my wife nursing me back to health and her Yahsom food. I have such restrictions from the Board of Pardons and Parole that it is impossible to make it happen especially since I do not have a SSN and cannot get any Gov docs, aid, welfare, medical, ste (Praise the LORD) I don't want or expect the gov handouts but had to document the requests for my parole officer and parole board. I have sent a letter to the Board in Austin to ask how I am to attain their demands. Thay may send me back to prison or deport me (to where-U.S.A.?-great!!!!) I also went to the churches for their help but found them to be government churches - all or them!!! They won't help without SSN/DL/STATE ID. SO, As always, I must and do rely on HIM!!!

The cargo trailer will be available as soon as we sell most everything and put the rest in a still needed 4x6 cargo trailer I can tow behind my car.

Gold...attached is a great paper on gold/silver (not the flag) that will need some mods and could correct the mess the FRN's have created at the whim of wrongful attorners.

Is there any Paralegals that can help me on the Club that will work on contingency for this Texas cause?




Did you say 4x6? Ok, never mind.  I need at least 6x12 with 6' plus inside height. Walk in capable. I have a 350 v-8 pullin.


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