We the rich, white men of the Divided States, in order to form a more perfect union, diminish justice, insure domestic hostility, provide the People perpetual debt, promote international wars of aggression and secure the blessing of slavery to the ignorant and uninformed masses, do hereby establish and ordain this Constitution, for the benefit of the bankers, lawyers, and corrupt politicians.

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What would happen if everyone respected the lives, liberty and property of everyone else?

Liberty and Justice can only exist in a community where everyone is treated equally under the law. In the United States today, people are divided into socio-economic classes. Those at the top of the financial pyramid are treated differently than those at the bottom. The laws are written by a Congress that represents the financial elite. Laws that benefit some of the people at the expense of others are unjust and lead to the loss of liberty and justice.

The purpose of a just law is to protect the rights of individuals by punishing those who violate the rights of others. 

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Here's MY version of the same thing. I like Keith's, but I like this one even better.

We the rich, white, Aristocratic male land owners of the New British Colonial Settlements in America, in order to form a more centralized and impenetrable government power structure, remove true justice, insure continual divisive hostility between whites, blacks and Indians, create perpetual debt, promote continual wars and secure the institutions of Socialism and slavery to the ignorant and uninformed masses for generations to come, do hereby establish and ordain this Constitution, its courts and a centralized bank, for the continued benefit of the evil bankers and crooked lawyers, Judges and politicians.

Loved my forefathers and honor them. Sorry, I know they were not perfect but they formed this country you have to live in and you need to be grateful.

Have some fun with this one Susan. How would you write the preamble to reflect what's actually happening today?

Just got out of the hospital so don't feel good enough to think about writing that however, those rich, white, aristocratic imperfect men pledged their lives, fortunes, and honor. That is good enough for me. How many would today do so? Few I suspect.


17 lost everything they owned. Not so rich at that moment, were they?

Surely agree...this country is beyond stupid; they run on just a few things: injustice to most, violence, sex, come and get wherever and however, morals, values and ethics no longer count.  I often wonder if our youth even know those three words and if they do, do they understand their meaning and depth?


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