The financial elite that control our government, schools and media want us to accept tyranny by tricking us into believing that tyranny is liberty and that  slavery is freedom. They brainwash us by providing us with misinformation so that we are make assumptions support government sponsored tyranny.

Lawyers are trained to lie, cheat and steal for the benefit of the financial elite and they write most of the laws that benefit the few at the expense of the many. They twist the meaning of words to confuse and mislead us.

When we are lied to about the facts it is impossible to draw the appropriate conclusions. We ae taught to trust our leaders and to be obedient. We are taught that it is unpatriotic to question authority and that we must obey even laws that are unjust. We are taught that in order to be safe, we must give up our freedom. We are taught that we must sacrifice our personal rights for the greater good of the greater number.

Benjamin Franklin observed that it is never a good idea to trade your liberty for the illusion of security. We are taught that it is the government's responsibility to take care of us and all we need to do is give up more and more of our freedom.

The government promotes greed, jealousy and hatred. The government was created to protect our rights to prevent the rise of tyranny. It was created to promote freedom, justice and equal opportunity and has become the tool of the financial elite to enslave us.

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I am talking about debt free money not interest free money.  The wheel is already built.  All is needed is enough people who want the wheel to turn. 

Lets assume that person A lied under god before person A barrowed or stole the money or created some kind of fictious debt with fictious money and you know that to be the affect. Don't you think that it is best to start at the beginning of the problem? I find it better to know a persons morality first.  

The question about how much debt there is irrelevant at this point because We must request from them how much fraud is legal first.

Once that question has been achieved and properly answered.

Then we can go down the list of lies and get the proper accountable answers. Double talk is another for of fraud.  


     It isn't called the dismal science for nothing.  The Bundy's @ Bunkerville with Stewart Rhodes/Oath Keepers vs Militia is some pretty fierce competition for people's attention.


I agree wholeheartedly! To kill a snake, cut off it's head. If you chop off it's tail, it will heal itself!

IF you give up a SMALL amount of FREEDOM for some security,,,then you will lose BOTH !!!

I agree 100%. But i'm afraid that the oligarchy would make a change against our benefit. things could get worse.
OK you seemed to define it pretty good. How about a solution. I'm not highly educated. So, I know my own weakness, do we monitor the school system and ensure the next generation gets tuned up to the Constitution. I think that might be a good place to start.
Is there legal means of bringing back Constitution and re- boot the Constitution to it's righful origins?.

Not according to the Federal Government.

Well, The Soap Box, The Ballot Box, The Cartridge Box. Freddie Douglas. Might not have been the first one to say it, but it still hasn't been nullified.
also of legal means to es
Establish to start a party to vote in?.


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