Please Support the Constitution Club

Watch the videos on the writings of Frederic Bastiat

Those who want to make a difference will share this information with all of their family, friends and neighbors. Until we are well educated on the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility we will not be able to restore our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law. Those who supported the emancipation of the colonies were the Patriots while those who didn't were either cowards or traitors. If you are unable to support these organizations financially, you can donate your time or talent. Like our founders who were willing to sacrifice their lives, liberty and sacred honor, we too must be willing to invest a few hours of our time and a few dollars every month to support organizations dedicated to restoring our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law.

Please consider making month donations to the following organizations.


Constitution for the united States
Tom Woods Radio
The Corbett Report
Ben Swann's Reality Check
Testing Your Constitutional Knowledge
Constitutional Studies
Cognitive Dissonance
Critical Thinking
Logical Fallacies
False Flag Operations
A Blueprint for a Just Society
Spokesmen and Women for Liberty
Overview of America
Declaration of Independence
Bill of Rights
Philosophy of Liberty
Principles of Liberty
Learn Liberty
Quotations of Liberty

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