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How to improve your critical thinking skills
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Select a quotation evaluate and analyze it. Then decide if you agree
or disagree with the quotation and explain why. All quotations are based on a premise and if the quotation valid it must be based on the truth.

Unfortunately, most American believe what they've been taught in school and what is presented to them in the media is true . A critical thinker studies the evidence and then draws a reasonable conclusion nased on the facts

Those who accept government propaganda make it possible for financial elite to exploit the masses for the benefit of Wall Street bankers and corporations. This website was created for those who would like to become critical thinkers.

To be an effective teachers one should ask his or her students probing questions that require them to think and respond, while giving evidence to support their conclusion. The student should also determine where the author of the quote got his or her idea.

This quotation presumes that in order to remain free a people must understand the principles of liberty and their responsibilities.

This quote also assumes that the principles of the Declaration of Independence are the foundation of our government and that the government was created to secure the lives, liberty and property of the people.

The people can not remain free if they are unwilling to take personal responsibility to hold their government officials accountable for violating our rights and the Constitution.

This quotation emphasizes that it is our individual responsibility to know and understand the principles of liberty in order to remain free.

The validity of this quote rests on the assumption that the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence are true and that when people don't know and understand their rights are no better off than those who have no rights.

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