Create a barter currency in your community.

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The certificate represent units of exchange rather than dollars.  Anyone in a community has the right to exchange these certificates for goods ans services from other participating  members. The Constitution defines what the government can use as money, it does not dictate what the people can use to engage in commerce. We have a God given right to use our time and talent to produce things of value and a right to buy or sell our property without government interference.


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 Let's Restore Our Republic

In order to escape tyranny, it is the responsibility of the people to hold our elected officials accountable. In order to do so we must all become Constitutional Scholars. With liberty comes the responsibility to respect the lives, liberty and property of others and to require our government to do the same. The first step in restoring our Constitutional Republic is to educate ourselves on the principles upon which our nation was founded.

Michael Badnarik
Lectures on the Bill of Rights
8 Hour Constitution Class

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