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Today, we are taught that slavery was abolished in 1865. The version of slavery practiced in America up until that time was made illegal by the passage of the 13th Amendment. Most people don't realize that involuntary servitude was abolished, but that voluntary servitude was and still is being practiced in America today.
Virtually every American has become a new kind of slave created by contracts with the Corporate United States. Without our consent "We the People" have been fooled into entering a series of adhesion contracts that make us subjects to the jurisdiction of the government. Ironically the government that was created to protect our rights has stolen the sovereignty of the people and made us all slaves.

The unalienable rights spoken of in the Declaration of Independence have become nothing more than privileges granted to us by our Masters. "We the People" were once free to exercise the rights granted to us by our Creator, but have seen our status reduced from sovereign citizens to human chattel. In the Declaration of Independence it was stated that when our government begins to abuse us, it is our right and duty to alter or abolish it.

I think we can all agree that our government is broken. The time has come for us to fix it. We can either trust our elected officials who broke it, to fix it, or we can dismantle our current government and replace it with one that will better serve the people. If you don't mind being a slave, just sit back and do nothing and before you know it, you will be a 21st century slave on the government's plantation.

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There is a paper already out there called National Emergency, which I have read over and over, just to make sure I understood what it said. It detailed in no uncertain terms how we got there. Through Presidential Proclamations 2038, 2039, 2040 and the Bank Holiday, The War Powers Act of Mar. 4th, 1933, etc. We are still today under this Emergency Act just as you have indicated. I will see if I can locate it for you.

Keith: Which of the five (5) different types of an Contract are you writing about? ____ The common denominator for each is that they all cling of the key word: hold, as here in New Hampshire it's RSA Ch. 80:19 "  the real estate of every person or corporation shall be holden for all taxes assessed against the owner thereof; " of the word: beholden defined at GOOGLE as: "owing thanks or having a duty to someone in return for help or a service. " as in the City or Town Services provided and County too as like to pay those slices of the property tax pie, but when it comes to the education, of the school slices that make up the bulk of the property tax bill, that is of here in N.H. of that the state-wide school tax has already been declared unconstitutional and that of thus the local school or district tax, of a district is territorial in nature of applicable to the person in the personam rather than in rem, but that by RSA Ch. 80:60 those who do not object are thus presumed by the government agents, by their assumption of to ass-u-me that the owner has so "committed" their proper by such an implied consent, of this a TYPE of N.H. Article 1 "consent", unless you opt out of it. 

By definition a tax is a mere charge of NOT a debt due as owed but with that "be holden" phrase in there of put together to make the one word: that's an implied "obligation" of "indebt"edness. So to get rid of such nonsense when you write and say: no, that does not apply to me, of like I wrote, of you have to get out of this option. Opt out.  Details being of that my religion, of which is supposed to be a guarantee too by N.H. Article 5 is that my religion (Protestant - Congregational) is that of NOT that of to GIVE to the poor, BUT that of to LEND to the poor at zero interest expecting nothing back, so as to give the child the Rose & Milton Friedman Plan of being: "Free to Choose" / Chapter 5 of to subsidize the poor, but not everybody in a Totalitarianism Regime that be against Art. IV, Sec. 4 of the U.S. Constitution for a Republic that the gov't agents supposedly take an RSA Ch. 42:1 or 92:2 oath to honor, of that they "will" obey the law, but that "will" word a future-tense word but that which time never arrives. They continue to collect for their NEA teachers, as members thereof are also teachers of this religion of: "Secular Humanism". that I REFUSE to pay for! 
And like the W4 form you sign to get a job as an employee, the very fact of filing it with your employer, even though you put in the right # of to get the exemptions of it not applicable to you, to get down to nothing ($zero) to be taken out as a cut to "Uncle Sam", that as I've read at Devvy Kidd's website the fact that it's there with a # or no #, as signed by you is that gives the employer the power to deduct, of even after you tell him or her that you want it back, that until you're either fired or quit, then maybe to re-start with no "contract" if they want you back.  My employer telling me that her accountant advised her to keep the original and keep on deducting even though I asked/requested to re-turn it to me, she took his advise and said: request: DENIED!  
So when I see my friend Ed Brown sent to an FCI to be N.H. Article 18 "reform"ed of to be taught in this Federal "Correctional" Institution, but "Uncle Sam" providing no teachers to teach #x-number of classes in a course on the subject matter of his incarceration for taxation and to be able to stand-your-ground and RSA Ch. 480:1-9 homestead  I say that's "False Advertising", a lie, of them LIARS! and one of these days to thus quit so as not to keep feeding this Federal Monster that is really a thief for taking my $money through my employer, but not providing this "service", thieves!  I refuse to be a thief in the #x degree! To do the plan of if the gov't agent wants me to contribute then they have got to supply this service! and to do it right as per the Morsell case of 1875 at the U.S. Supreme Court, the power to lien is derived by the power of to issue a writ of elegit, of to squeeze the so-called debtor down to half his freehold to make payments therefrom until the debt be paid in full. But "Uncle Sam" likes to do things back-asswards of to hold a fake friends pizza party instead of to hold a parley on the steps to find out which half the debtor wants to occupy, not to throw him in prison and send us the bill for his upkeep, of the latter is The Quaker Plan of to look at the walls to reflect on the situation rather than to $pay the punishment and only AFTER a civil trial by jury, that here in N.H. is supposed to be a guarantee by Article 20 in our Bill of Rights, when of $1,500 or more in dispute, but when the Feds want to remove the case, they even violate their own 28USC636(c)(1) in that BOTH parties (P&D) have to "consent"! So more theft allowed by the judge in Ed's case who ought to be impeached. 

Do Yourselves a favor. Nothing can be used against you if you do not accept the Under Penalty of Perjury, I here by certify that this bull crap is true (e.g., W4 and 1040.)

I am retired military.  After kids left home, i submitted a W4 to Def and Financing that cuts the retiree pay, which did not have the Under Penalty of Perjury statement.  Take a look at the SSAN W4 (Different form).  It does not have the Under Penalty of Perjury (Is SSAN A Corporation and you the benificiary?).

Otherwise, lift the Under Penalty of Perjury on the 1040 and replace it with very small print I am A volunteer Taxpayer, Without Prejudice, UCC 1-308. and any other thing you like "I am in conformity with US Code Title 28 as adjudicated by Courts.  (There are some cases where the Federal Judges Ruled individuals as volunteer tax payers).

If anyone doesn't like this, it is your contract back at them.  If they accept it for 30 years, then you are the Volunteer Taxpayer.

"O.R., Thanks for the info: 

Here in New Hampshire that U.C.C. / Uniform Commercial Code has been codified into N.H law at: = R.S.A. Chapter "  382-A:1-308 Performance or Acceptance Under Reservation of Rights. – (a) A party that with explicit reservation of rights performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded or offered by the other party does not thereby prejudice the rights reserved. Such words as "without prejudice,'' "under protest,'' or the like are sufficient. 
    (b) Subsection (a) does not apply to an accord and satisfaction.

Source. 2006, 169:1, eff. Jan. 1, 2007." 

The way I read it is that you sign knowing or having these rights AND that IF you'd like to emphasize same you can add one, two or any like words of the three of those other three phrases.  If those are not included, like after your signature to the contract of you thus agree by agreement to some promise to perform a payment upon a bill / demand for such services, or assent thereto, that if not there, then the signature alone reserves these rights by the statute. 

As for the local property tax bills, where, if at ANY time, did you ever sign such a contact?  It be by that implied consent of having given some verbal consent to such of griping sometimes but always paying under the unlawful threat that if you don't pay them then "they" will TAKE one hundred (100%) percent your house, sell it, and give you any $remainder to hit the streets as a homeless person; but as above, them only enTITLEd (if you want to use that word, like in a Petition to Quiet Title) to fifty (50%) percent by the Morsell case of 1875 at the U.S. Supreme Court: 91 U.S. 3567, 23 LAW ED. @ page 437:"  The lien arose from the power to issue a writ of elegit", A Tax Deed is NOT title.  Title is by a lawful deed with lawful possession. 

And as for your " (There are some cases where the Federal Judges Ruled individuals as volunteer tax payers)." .  that is correct because of this very basic stuff of that I won in Federal Court. back in 1983 with Case #M.83-50-D for then Chief Judge Shane Devine here in Concord, N.H. of winning it NOT only on that there was no O.M.B. #, (Office of Management & Budget: of either required OR voluntary, and if the latter of that you can treat as bootleg) nor delegation of authority from the Secretary (of BTW the agent on the witness stand didn't know WHO that was at the time BELIEVE IT OR NOT!) / BUT for the facts and law of thanks to Martin J. "Red" Beckman and his book (of here running for President) about secondary $money, as I was a landlord then having already paid into The System AND this very basic stuff: The 16th Amendment is "to lay and collect".  that of course they can collect.  The emphasis is on the word: lay: to apply or impose, meaning or defined as to either: request or levy.  And so I used the more consumer-friendly version and said to the I.R.S. agent: Joseph Stella out of Portsmouth, N.H. and his buddy of Frank Lungerelli of Laconia, N.H. (who B.T.W. got hit by a car and landed in the hospital where I visited him for like a "Get Well card" of that maybe his "marbles" now got back in place, (;-) ][ in that I said to them and the court (Magistrate Wm. Barry) of: Request:DENIED! and then the case was closed, I paid them not one red cent on the $62,000 they wanted. Of yes they liened me, of actually with their KNOW-ing what they were doing was wrong, of that lien actually a THEFT of my equity or borrowing power to buy more apartment houses of I should have counter-sued for $that x 7 = by Proverbs 6:30-31 of to charge the thief sevenfold the $amount stolen, so says me and "Blackstone's Commentaries" as annotated into the RSA Ch. 651:63 Restitution statute here on criminal cases citing the State v. Fleming case of 1984 to a case within a case to Blackstone citing the Bible. 

Here's a little more to chew on.

15 U.S. Code § 1 - Trusts, etc., in restraint of trade illegal; penalty;

     “Every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is declared to be illegal. Every person who shall make any contract or engage in any combination or conspiracy hereby declared to be illegal shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and, on conviction thereof, shall be punished by fine not exceeding $100,000,000 if a corporation, or, if any other person, $1,000,000, or by imprisonment not exceeding 10 years, or by both said punishments, in the discretion of the court.”

Most of us old retirees do not even work in trade or commerce.  A living trust distributing your estate would (should) not even be considered "Restraint of Trade or Commerce", unless some Sorry Assed BAR Lawyer gets mad because he does not get a slice of your estate when you die.

But, who the hell can he (The BAR Attorney) sue after you are dead. 

So death has it's benefit if you plan it out right. 

My mother fell and broke her hip at age 82.  While at the hospital she chewed the doctor up one side and down the other for not treating her Arthritis.  I could see the gap about the thickness of a pencil in the hip socket.  Took her outside and let Brother and my Wife discuss with the doctor.

In the waiting room, I decided to talk her into a Nursing Home visit.  Response:  "Ain't agona do it, gona lay right up there at home and die, and do it right the first time."

Boy, one emergency room full of sick people were really laughing on that one.

My wife still laughs about this one.   You would have had to know Momma to know that was her attitude.

Well, no BAR Lawyer got a penny on that one.  Thanks Momma.


 since thieving atty Fansler is guardian of my Dad and there is HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of $$$ unaccounted for and he is the Fiduciary who has been in conspiracy with the judges and other government agents to accomplish this wouldn't THEY be guilty of USC 15....

Yes I have the statements and can prove the money was there, and now it is gone, with no accountability.

Well, I'm an old man but I'm ready to come together and abolish this government and I'm very well equipped!

Let me tell you my thoughts on enslavement and tyranny in this nation. Ive read and heard many sad stories.  People who from neglect of their rights give in as its better to stay low to the Power.

Now lets ask a stupid question ? Whos power do we assert? We are of course law abiding civilian people right?

Well I say yes only under these conditions. (my list)

1 when I get up what do I face today? what is going to be my purpose? and who am I going to impress?

2 my purpose is to learn not to get ensnarled into a situation I can keep out of as far as the legal system is concerned.

3 If someone needs my assisstence will it be construed as a legimate action.( not illegal)

4 My plans are to continue what I started the day before. not get side tracked

5 Compassion starts with me which means what do I have to do to be in the position to use my age my learning and my abilities?

I am on this computer at least 6 hours per day my thoughts are for what hard hitting help can I produce?

as you see I question myself as to my purpose constantly.  Ive been in many sites looked at the same image from every angle I can conceive with the thought in mind that 1. I need help from others to develop my skills 2. my thoughts in respect to the general feeling and to think ahead for what I want my purpose to show, so as to make others understand those thoughts.

So ive prepaced a short of how I confront my day. 

to my answers  to any of you I respond to and to form a purpose so I say to you:.

1 change the way you view things get into focus your desire for that is very important.

2 be aggressive to the approach as to  yourself . expand that which God has lent you.

3 What can I do for my country not what my country can do for me. ( wise words from JFK)

civics is a good place to approach positions from the local level that which bore you and continues to bear you, So in time  you can bare the truth.

Constant narrative with those who listen and those who smile but never respond. always smile back and hit them with your best line to get their attention then  leave with that same smile of concern. To many that will be hook. and if you can get to saying truths which incite, you now have a hook to work with. not to say that you wont get a negative response but to learn how to use their response to warrant their need to find out or to seek. many times you get an argumentative  return, and I just smile and say you want more look here or look there or ask so and so who you both know. Never demand their time only their attention let them think they must either feel ignorant and therefore need the information for a future response.

they'll mostly feel at least they need to learn a response to the next time they meet you.   If One who is truthfull in all ways and elects to teach then one must also listen and learn  directions of others feelings then never argumentative one must direct them toward their need to find an answer.

M Ann where does your power come from and how do you use it? And what are you addressing to change? To change any one or any thing you must first have the power to collect the ability to do so .

Now your a sovereign of the republic. Now your job has just begun because basically you have 300 million ignorant students in front of you.


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