Like a cancerous tumor, our government has metastasized and has become a serious threat to our continue existence.

In 1789 we had one representative in Congress for every thirty thousand people. Today the average Congressman represents over 700,000 people.

 As the population grew so did the membership in the House of Representatives. Then in 1929 Congress passed a law that permanently froze the number of representatives at 435..

There is a direct correlation between the size of our Congressional Districts and the amount of corruption taking place on Capitol Hill. As the Districts continue to grow in size the Congressmen assume more and more power and get richer and richer at the expense of the people they were elected to serve.

The men who wrote and signed the Constitution believed that there should be one Representative for every 30,000. By maintaining this ratio the people would be adequately represented and the growth of the governmental abuse of power would be greatly curtailed. The large districts we currently have, make it impossible for most Americans to even consider running for Congress.

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If the ratio of one Congressmen for every 700,000 had been applied in 1789 the House of Representatives would have only had 5 members.

Not exactly Keith.

Your forgetting that every state was guaranteed a minimum of one representative. That would mean that their would have to be at least 13.

Five sounds good, but not doable!  How can we turn their A-V around making this idea, 30K to one 'happen'?  Are there enough Patriotic people left to score one for WTP!

In Texas State government it's higher.  800K or more to one !!?!!


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