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It is a well known fact that power corrupts and as long as we the people of low character to occipy positions of political power, the few will exploit the many. Humans are divided into just two classes, the predators and the prey.

From the beginning ot time the  rich and powerful few have dominated the masses. Most humans are like sheep, while governments are controlled by lions.


The only way that the sheep and the lions can enjoy peace, prosperity and freedom is when the sheep have the will and the means to defend themselves from the tyranny of the lions.

As long as the sheep allow the lions to rule and reign over them, the sheep will continue to be exokiuted bt the lions. In order to be free, we must put the lion back in the cage.

Asking a politician to do what is right is like asking a lion to reject a juicy steak in favor of a fruit salad. Politicians and Lions are carnivores and they can only satisfy their insatiable hunger for power with the consent of the people.

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