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Local Home Grown Organic Currency

One of the most fundamental rights of all people is the right to enter into contracts. When a man desires to obtain a bushel of apples, he can offer to pay for them with a sack of potatoes  or anything else the vender is willing to accept.

He can also offer to pay for the apples with a promise to pay for them at a future date. When something is purchased with a promissory note the vender becomes the credor and the buyer becomes a debtor. The lender requires the borrow to pay interest on goods and services . In order to repay the loan the borrower must pledge the his future income as collateral.

Money is the medium of exchange that allows goods and services to be exchanged. If a dollar is backed by gold or silver, and the individual that does not have enough gold or silver he must borrow it from someone that does. This divides the people into two classes; the debtors and the creditors. Under this system the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

The bankers have inserted themselves as a middleman in all of our monetary transactions. Since money is scarce, the consumers are forced to borrow money at interest from the bankers. 

He Who Has the Gold Make the Rules

Having a currency backed by tangible metal such as gold promotes usury and ultimately tyranny by the financial elite.

 By borrowing money the people become debt slaves to the lenders. Since the beginning of time there have always been debtors and creditors as well as slaves and masters.

In 1764 the British Parliament passed the Currency Act which forced the colonists to pay their taxes in currency backed by gold and silver. Because the Colonists did not have enough gold and silver they were forced to borrow the money from the London bankers. 

That which we use a money can be a unit measuring either wealth or debt. Since Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act is 1813 the Federal Reserve Notes we call dollars are IOUs that we trade for the things we need. Each dollars is created out of thin air and then loaned to us with an obligation to pay interest on to the bankers for every dollar we spend.

The reason that our nation has a $22 trillion dollars national debt amd pays ober $3 trillion dollars in interest is because every dollar we spend has to be borrowed from the Federal Reserve..

At the end of the Revolutionary War France, Spain and the Netherlands all demanded that the United States pay back the money they had borrowed in gold. Since we didn't have enough gold we were forced to borrow it from the London Bankers with interest attached..

When the bankers became worried that government under the Articles of Confederation would be unable to pay the nation's debts, they decided that a new government in America was needed to insure that the loans would be repaid.

I don't believe it was a coincident that in the Constitution it requires that the nation's debts would need to be paid in dollars backed by gold and silber

Borrowing from the bankers turned the United States into a debtor nation and the people into perpetual debt slaves.The bankers knew that when the debtors were unable to pay their debt, their property could be confiscated by the bankers. While King George's soldiers could not defeat the colonists militarily, the London Bankers were able to do so financially. The wealthy bankers control the wealth and in the process control all of those that are owe them money.

The right of an individual to issue their own money is the very essence of personal liberty. Whoever issues the money in society becomes the master and those that are forced to borrow become the slaves..The bankers have been systematically confiscating the wealth of the American people for generations with the legislative assistance of the Congress.

If one man owns a Pizza  restaurant  and wants to purchase a pair shoes, he can pay for the shoes in dollars or he can offer the owner of the shoe store in coupons redeemable for pizzas.

If the owner of the Pizza restaurant  didn't want shoes, but instead wanted to purchase a bouquet of flowers for his wife, he could his Liberty Note would be like a perpetual coupon that could be used to purchase any product of service offered by any other participating merchant in the network.

Participating merchants accept the Coupon Currency just as they would paper dollars. Merchants that receive payment in the form of a Liberty Notes can then use them to purchase goods and services from other participating local merchants.

The Liberty Notes are a local currency  created to enable a minimum of 20 different merchants and an unlimited number of potential customers to participe.

When a producer of goods and services agrees to accept the  Liberty Notes they will be paid the equivalent of $200 in Federal Reserve Notes.

When a customer purchases something from a participating merchant, the merchant can then use that same Liberty Note to purchase products and services from other participating merchants.

The Liberty Notes offer the buyer a discount of $10 on purchases of $20 or more in regular priced items.

 A Liberty Note with a $10 redemption value sells to the members of the community for $2 each. A consumer can purchase $100 in discounts for only $20. A consumer can purchase $250 in Liberty Notes for $40.

On the back of the Liberty Note there will be the name and address of all of the participating merchants in your community.

This is an idea that has the potential to help people who run out of money before the end of the month to save literally hundreds of dollars every month while allowing them to boycott the Federal Reserve. 

I am not sharing this idea with you to make money for myself, it is to provide you with the opportunity to create a business where you can help your friends and neighbors acquire the things they want without having to spend their hard earned cash.

Other Local Currencies

If this is an idea that makes sense to you, please call me at 916-399-4881.


Keith Broaders


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so what is the difference from that time until now?  government is still crooked and getting more so all the time.  it is time to make a change!

It sounds like Liberty Notes are similar to Ithaca Hours (Ithaca NY). Have you contacted them on this issue; they have been using a local currency for decades!


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