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Rather than having the masses of ignorant and uniformed voters elect their state senators  why not have the senators appointed by the County Board of Supervisors, 

Having the masses of ignorant and uniformed voters  choose the representatives  is like having the inmates in an insane asylum choose their caregivers. In order to elect the best candidates we must take the money out of the election of our representatives.

By having our state senators appointed rather than elected we can take the political power away from the lobbyists and corporations. When the senators are chosen in this manner, they would be accountable to the County Supervisors who in turn would be accountable to the voters who elected them.

This systems would transfer much of the political power from the state government to the county government.

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The Electoral College helps to prevent the tyranny of the majority and should be used by tha states to elect their governors. In order to prevent the bankers and corporations from purchasing the governorship, we need to take the money out of the process of electing a governor.

Political power flows from the people generally, presumed to come from them collectively by presumed delegation of authority to the County Supervisors (tough known elsewhere as "County Managers" or "Freeholders" or otherwise).  

That same power flows from the people generally/collectively by presumed delegation of authority to the State level elected officials.  

How do you propose to position County level officials in the governmental structure such that they may circumvent the right of the people to individually choose for themselves their state representatives?  I say it cannot be achieved except as a usurpation of individual substantive rights.  Doing so is also a concentration of the diffuse but total power of the many to a totalitarian power embodied in very few, each of whom, in the case of where I live, would then wield the power of 20% of the voter base were they so empowered (3 making a majority).  In the case of the county in which I live, it would be five people to which I say "Screw that". 

Those folks are deeply immersed in the self-corrupting and inefficient mechanisms which define county government and services distribution. Just think 'County Road Crew'....the folks who get a bad rap for their seeming inefficiency which is behavior dictated by the policies of bureaucratically overburdened county administrative policies which ARE NOT effected as an expression of State constitutional operation but as the operation of a corporation-like organization which sees to the maintenance of the physical elements necessary for the function of county government ( both proprietary and constitutional), as well as maintenance of the physical properties of the county for which is acts as a limited liability company for the common properties of the citizens of the county (such as roads and drainage facilities). and there is your run-on sentence of the day.  In my state, they have enough to do just running the county under the laws and regulations which they are duty bound to follow.  I see no benefit to assigning them as fiduciaries who bear no responsibility for choosing state level legislators.  The whole idea circumvents the very fundamentals of representative government and suggests a violation of substantive rights. 

It may be a little presumptuous of me, but to broadly categorize the population as "ignorant and uninformed" is a matter of applying one's own values to the presumed values of the "many" and neither substantiated by fact nor provable.  Each has but one vote, whether an idiot or a genius, whether fully informed or profoundly ignorant.  The standard by which to discriminate whether one is a qualified voter or not is not subject to your personal standards and does not go to subjectivity. 


Dear KeyHolder,  Broaders is right on.  The States should have all set up Electoral College type selections for Governors.  People should not vote on anything but whom to send to the legislative branch of a REPUBLICAN form of government.  And, yes, we all know that your words about citizens' right to vote is what DEMOCRACY government espouses.  And, yes, it is true that the citizens are not ever going to be informed well enough to vote wisely on anything other then perhaps whom to send as a representative to the legislative body.   They are too busy with jobs, family, and local social things to vote wisely on issues.

Lewis E. Bishop, Jr.   So, you have such knowledge of the vast array of intellects and lesser thinking beings in your state of the Union that. . . .you . . . .you deem them unfit to vote?   That is about the most obnoxious, presumptuous and ignorant statement I have ever heard. 

Move to Russia and you shall see the result of the method you propose. 

Try this . . . walk into a bar or restaurant or any other gathering place and holler that the people in there are too damned ignorant to vote their conscience and say it repeatedly and emphatically. . you shall receive the ass beating and head cracking that you deserve.  If you are too stupid to decide who to vote for, that it is you choice to silence yourself regarding whom shall be elected to represent your interests . . but I shall have my say even if it means knocking you on your ass to clear you from my path to cast my vote. 

Explain to me why YOU should have your say to silence the say of the rest of us.  Try doing it and I predict you will ultimately be stopped by a tire iron to the skull.  There are people abroad this very instant, literally spilling their blood so that you, ingrate that you are, can cast your vote.  If you do not want to vote, that is your choice.  You do not have the right, do not have the capacity to deny the people their right to select a governor or any other elected governmental official. 

That a vote is taken among the general voter populace does not make a government a democracy.  The governmental structure, the checks and balances, the separations of power and requisite legal procedures and power of review as required by the Constitution is what makes it a Republic. 

Really, you do need to learn about your rights and the privileges we do and do not admit to the government's use. you ought to learn how the Government of the United States of America works and what the federal government is and can/cannot do.  You simply have no clue of what you are running your mouth about. It is shameful. 


In a democracy the people vote of everything and the will of the majority prevails. In a tepublic the representatives of the people vote for and in behalf of the people they are elected to represnet.

If you believe that the government should protect the rights of the individual you against the tyranny of the majority you should support a republican form of government.

Keith, your statement is very much a simplification of the two systems of which you speak, and that is okay for the sake of a simple discussion, but I offer this:  that no nation is a pure republic or a pure democracy in the present day.  I truly do not know if either has been achieved or can be achieved.  In the end, no government protects the rights of any people who do not protect their own rights.  Particularly perilous is the condition in which the people are presumed to be endowed with inalienable rights from their Creator and they then use the presumed collective power of those rights to form a government in service to them, a government to which they go to individually subjugate their rights and property to.  American citizens have never been weaker than they are today. A wide array of legally proscribed penalties and regulatory powers can and do sway the behavior of those who are either too ignorant or too lazy or too timid to exercise their full sovereign powers to protect themselves in ways no government can.  Those who complain about the grip the foreign banking concerns ( and their domestic associates) have on the American citizens / their nation would do well to consider that the lifeblood of those strangling entities is the willing/ nearly eager deep pool of voluntary taxpayers, absent of which those debt merchants would starve, or turn to nations which do willingly pay to their programs.  Taxpayers are the progenitors of the death of the United States of America. Anybody wanting to conquer the banking interest to which the United States is indebted must do their part by severing the ties the made with the IRS, for those not doing so ARE PROVIDING THE FUEL FOR THE DESTRUCTIVE ENGINE. 


You have stated nothing new here Key,

We all know these things, quite well. I have said it a thousand times if I've said it once.

"Just Say No!"

Morton. . .Talk is meaningless.  Other than as a means of offering information to others, my words and your words as well as "Just Say no"  HAVE NO EFFECT at obtaining freedom.  None whatsoever.  And the government, the IRS, DO NOT GIVE A POOP how much you 'just say no".     If the IRS moves against you . . . .  you shall "Just Say No" yourself homeless into the street or prison. 

What have you D O N E  about it ?   What have you D O N E to undo the bonds which you formed with the governmental powers of which you complain?   I admire music and musicians, the great and the not so great have a gift of communication. . .but it . . like spoken or written words. .  are nothing more than communication and 'music to our ears'.      NOTHING HAPPENS UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS.  and if you have not taken the steps to set your servants straight as to how they are commanded to treat you or not treat you at all then you deserve every bit of unwanted treatment delivered to you.  An efficient directive issuing system is at hand whereby one may, with astonishingly little effort, free themselves from the IRS and the State Income Tax authorities.  You can talk and just say no until you keel over dead and it won't make a damned bit of difference in the relationship between you and government. 

Just say 'no' and you are still going to get screwed. 


Sometimes I feel I should be admitted to a mental aslyum.
Then I look around and think perhaps I already am!

I think because at all levels people are corrupt. The Sheriff of Montgomery County supported Adil Baguerov, a lying muslim and illegal lobbyist for the President of Azerbajan, who pays him to set up shell companies and then close them when necessary, who paid for 10 out of 12 congress critters (2 said no) to fly to Azerbajan to meet with the President to hear his requests for them to plunder WE the Plundered, for monies for his goals in Azerbajan.

To his credit, Rep. Mike Turner did not take his money. Adil is close to the hip with the President of Azerbajan, and when told by Congress to file the proper Lobbyist paperwork, declaring his loyalties and monies, he said, "It is none of your business." An ethics investigation was launched, but....

Phil Plummer, the Sheriff of Montgomery County, OH, said, "He brings a lot of money to the table," as he threw his support as the head of the Republican Party behind this liar and crook. 

And that was years after Adil ran and was elected to Mont. Cty School Board, and while he had a shell house in the district, but illegally, did not live in Montgomery County. He only resigned shortly before the midters, where he was running for County Recorder, that he stepped down from his position on the board of ed.

As long as persons in government place the almighty dollar ahead of everything else, nothing CAN change. So, in my opinion, appointing instead of ignorant voters, simply puts the choices in the hands of tyrants led by lust for power and money. Sorry.

And so, Jeanine, you are aware of all that, as must be plenty of others.  What have you or any of them done to force the issue of the presumed usurper's failure to comply with the prerequisites lawfully established for tthose seeking the elected position he now holds ?   Several options exist.  What action is being takes, other than flapping one's lips and vocal chords ?  The one thing which operative pro-sharia individuals have, which the vast majority of Americans DO NOT have it that they TAKE ACTION and enforce their rights as vigorously as they may in order to get what they want.  The record shall show who among the complainers is genuine in their beliefs, since they shall ACT and not just sit around complaining.   The same goes for crybaby 'taxpayers."  Failure to act against another's trespass has the very same effect of, and is in fact, consent and acceptance.   

So, gripe all you want  . . . Mr. Muslim could not care less.  He will continue to effect his Will and the record of history will show THAT YOU CONSENTED. He knows that you DO NOT HAVE the conviction to stand up to him and he shall have your rights and property until you live in the gutter. 

So, gripe all you want  . . . the Internal Revenue Service could not care less.  IRS will continue to effect its Will and the record of history will show THAT YOU CONSENTED.                                          IRS knows that you DO NOT HAVE the conviction to stand up to it and it shall have your rights and property until you live in the gutter. 



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