The Constitution Club is not a non profit organization, it is simply a website operated by a man who loves liberty and the principles promoted in the Declaration of Independence, Donations to the website are not tax deductible, but the funds received will be used to promote the education of the American people.

The Constitution is document that authorized the formation of a government for the united 13 colonies. The purpose of the Constitution was to create a more perfect union where the life, liberty and property of the people and the sovereignty of the states would be forever secure.

The Constitution was written to govern to government not to govern or control the states and the people. The national  government was given a short list of delegated powers and all power not granted to the central government were  reserved to the states and the people. 

Many critics of the ratification feared that the Constitution gave the government too much power and that it would eventually enslave the  people it was created to protect.

The Constitution of today is not the document that was written by the men who wrote it. They intended to have a limited government that would be controlled by the states and the people.

The government was to be the servant of the states and the people, not their master. The Constitution has not failed us, we have failed to defend it.

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