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The world is divided between those who make the laws and those who are compelled to follow them.

Those of us who comply with unjust laws blame those who write the laws instead of accepting personal responsibility.

Those who write the laws are powerless if the people refuse to comply. Those who obey an unjust laws are a far greater enemy of liberty than those write the laws.

When we obey an unjust law we violate another man's life, liberty or property. We born with a conscience and inherently know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Before we decide to comply with a law we need to ask ourselves if our compliance will promote liberty or tyranny.

A just law is a Natural Law. It never compels an individual to steal another man's life, liberty or property. Laws that are written by the rulers require the people to violate the laws of God. Legislation that benefits some of the people at the expense of others is immoral and unjust. When we comply with a law that is unjust we are forced to violate God's law.

If you want to truly understand Natural Law please watch this series of videos by Mark Passio.

 To go to his website    Click Here

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