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Court Observer's Notice:
On this Memorial Day, we call upon the good people of America to come to the aid of our fellow Patriot, George Thomas Brokaw, and others so enslaved by the private, foreign, for-profit, corporations known as the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Justice, and the United States of America, Corporation, Inc., who are now bankrupt and in receivership.
Your assistance is requested in participating in a major call blast, beginning on May 26, 2015, to the respective agencies & individuals listed below in the attached "Brokaw Court Observer's Call Listing."
Given the importance, and gravity of this case, and the identical situation of many political political prisoners now in the hands of these "Court Prisons for Profit," you are encouraged to post this Superior Court Order on Facebook, Twitter, and with all media outlets, and to keep your phone calls, emails, and faxes continuing until Tom Brokaw is freed, and released back to his wife & family from the Federal facility in Englewood, Colorado.
Your talking points should include those found throughout the attached Superior Court Order, yet, these points should not be limited, and you may want to remind our "public servants," and the Vatican, of their fiduciary obligations to the Oaths of Office they have all signed.
Please remind those who you may talk with, of the following points;
1.  Federal District Court "judge," Christine Arguello, and the District US Attorney General, Matthew T. Kirsh, are both executive members & officers of the National Lawyers Guild & Communist Party, and as foreign agents, they have no jurisdiction, whatsoever, in prosecuting any Natural Man, or women, who inhabits the Land of the Continental uNited States of America.
2. Christine Arguello has NO Oath of Office, or bond, registered with the US Secretary of State, or the Colorado Secretary of State, and her "appointed office" has been vacant since the day of her appointment.
3. As a Deputy US Attorney General, Matthew T. Kirsh, operates under the "elected office" of the US Attorney General, and is constrained by the laws of the US Constitution, and the Colorado State Constitution, as the US Attorney General CANNOT represent the Internal Revenue Service, as it is a private, foreign, for-profit, corporation, whose corporate headquarters is in Puerto Rico, with a private corporate Dun's No. of #040539587.
4. Thomas Brokaw NEVER gave his free willed-Consent to have the I.R.S., the DOJ, Ms. Arguello, or her Communist colleague, Mr. Kirsh, any jurisdiction over his Living Soul.
5. Ms. Arguello, a criminal impersonator, who has conspired with Mr. Kirsh to commit malicious acts of peonage, barratry, piracy, treason, and other heinous crimes against Tom Brokaw, is facing the penalties & punishments under Ms. Arguello's own statutes, codes, rules, and ordinances, which include Ms. Arguello's & Mr. Kirsh's detainment, arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment of no less than 10 years in Federal prison, and $100 million in fines for each event, and for each violation.  
This Superior Court Order is being submitted to the US Attorney General, and the Denver County Sheriff, on Tuesday, May 28, 2015, and it has been signed by three Superior Court Judges.
This  People's Superior Court does NOT recognize, nor is this Court obligated to NOTICE the Admiralty/Maritime/British/Military Courts now operating on the Land of the Continent of the uNited States of America, as these courts are foreign & fictitious artifices of NO lawful authority under Universal, or Natural Law.
In Service, Honor & Integrity!
Steven Duane Curry; Judge
Superior Court of the Continental uNited States 
Click Here and Here and Here and Here for more info.

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Thanks Dan. We can always count on you. You must have been a good soldier.

I share your pain and concern for Tom Brokow, for he is a true patriot and I'll share this post with all concerned ...however talk with authorities is cheap and hollow, has been hollow for at least a decade, and cheap for at least three, from less than friendly to outright enemies ...from "thanks for contacting us" (fax blasting) to "don't call us we'll call on you" (suing). Obscenities by "authorities" are now a common daily occurrence, victimizing veterans and soldiers are just the latest of obscenities. Suing the masters of suits is not unlike a tribal patient showing a tribe doctor where to stick his needles during surgery just might work, but then again we're not a tribe, the untrusted doc doesn't have arrows pointing at his head and what's worse everyone thinks there's only one doctor ...making and uniting the militias is the most viable solution, this is their day and hour!

It looks that way.

Morton, I could not access those links?  However, thought I would share this recent S.C. Writ of Certiorari regarding jurisdiction.  It appears to be similar to Mr. Brokaw's argument:

Not sure what the problem is Christine,

I have no trouble with them. Let me just forward you the email that I received and that should take care of access for you. OK? Be sure to check your email.

5War, these are different people... Thomas John Brokaw (not George) ...T.J. Brokaw is the only voice in the MSM den of vipers who's NOT willing to defend them.


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