In order to continue providing relevant content,
the Constitution Club needs the financial support of its membership. 
A $5.00 voluntary monthly contribution is requested.

I have invested over 10,000 hours of my time over the past five years to host and administer this website. I am currently spent 10 to 12 hours daily posting articles, videos and discussion. I have created over 3,000 county websites, and created a video library with over.8,000 Videos

I am currently devoting an average of 10 to 12 hours a day to provide Constitution Club members with valuable content.

I am 70 years old and have a monthly cash flow of less than $1,000 per month.In order to continue hosting and administering the website I need the financial support from the members of the Constitution Club. I am asking all of the members who are able to donate $3 to $5 per month to support the Constitution Club.

I just sent $10 for this month, Keith. Your service to the republic is worth much more than that to me, but it's all I can afford each month. I have set up a recurring reminder on my calendar, 'send $10 monthly support to Keith Broaders' on my calendar so I won't forget on the first of each month.

Come on, people; I know there are 75 or 100 of you that can do what I'm doing. My wife and I are missionaries to the Americans. To run AmericaAgain! full-time, I closed my engineering practice a few years ago; sold our paid-for home and all our assets including our vehicles. We have learned that you cannot out-give God; if you are faithful and focus on Him and His kingdom, "all these things will be added unto you". Somehow, every month for these past years, the LORD provides.

Since I met Keith, I've never seen a more faithful, efficient, competent teacher. This is Keith's gift; simplifying and clarifying the vital basics of American civics, economics, history and the Constitution. This republic needs Keith's service, and YOU need to assure that he can just pay his bills each month.

Keith lives like a missionary; frugal and simply. You don't get better bang for the buck than supporting him. Please at least match my $10/month giving. It'll be one of the most powerful mission donations you make. This is where the rubber meets the road, folks. If you want great teaching content, you can't take the teacher for granted.

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.30 cent a day / $10.00 a month, I take the pledge, to support my friend Keith Broaders. Thank you Keith.


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