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According to the 13th Amendment no one can be lawfully be compelled to  perform labor for the benefit of another without their consent, unless they have been convicted of a crime. 

A man that is forced to surrender a portion of his wages to the government without his consent becomes a unpaid employee of the government. The only way the income tax can lawfully imposed is if the individuals volunteers to pay the tax.

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To help Morton Educate America

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Amendment XIII

Section 1.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2.

Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

You be the judge. If a man or a woman is compelled by the government to serve in the mililtary does this violate the provisions of the 13th Amendment? Does military conscripton jeopardize an individual's God given right to life, liberty and property?

If a war is jusified, individuals will volunieer to serve in the military. With all of the modern weapons of mass destruction available necessity to draft men and women is unnecessary. 

The Supreme Court unanimously upheld the constitutionality of the draft act in the the Selective Serivce Draft Law on January 7,1918. The decision said that the Constitution gave Congress the power to declare war and raise and support armies.

The war in Europe was very unpopular and the government needed to compel people to surrender rights under the 13th Amendment to raise the army.

Everyone paying income tax, State or Federal, volunteered into the status of fiduciary for the Taxpayer when they signed that first 1040 where it said "Taxpayer Signature". No one knew that it was voluntary and were induced by fraud to participate in the scheme.

People are starting to awaken to the fact that if they came on board by mistake they have the right to correct that mistake and bow out of that fiduciary status. The real problem is as old as the Wizard of Oz. Folks may now be aware of the fact that there is no-none-zero requirement for any man or woman in the private sector to engage in filing income tax forms but they are fearful. Just like the Cowardly Lion, they can't face their oppressors even when they know they are being scammed. Hell, they can't even face their own friends for fear of being labeled as 'one who isn't paying his fair share'.

You have to stand up to the bully if you want the oppression to stop.

Just why do we have income taxes in the first place? I'm sure that part of it is to keep people busy working to pay the taxes so they won't have time to take a good look behind the curtain. The real reason for income taxes is to take notes out of circulation. The government does not get any of your tax payments--at all!!! The government borrows, at interest, into existence every dollar it spends. The basic reason for the tax is to slow down inflation by removing as many dollars from circulation as possible. Unfortunately, Govco has been on a spending spree and taxes are not keeping up with the amount of new money (?) being circulated.

If you have a million dollars in circulation and chickens cost $1 each and Govco borrows another million from the banksters and puts that in circulation, guess what happens to the price of chickens. Chickens will now be selling for $2 each. If you have savings you will notice that, through inflation, Govco has robbed you of the purchasing power of your savings. We call it inflation but its just another taxing scheme.

Amendment XIII, Section 1 should be applied to the illegal immigrants who do not wish to return to their native countries once caught and found guilty of violating American law as criminals. ...

Military service is a good way of testing the character the illegals entering to live/work here in the US and become citizens. Transcription of those illegals into the military service as a judgement for violating the laws of the US is part of the solution....
If they don’t want to pay the price of living free, deport them.

What better way to document and keep tabs on those filtering into the states...

The federal government should never, never allow Illegals to escape into any state’s jurisdiction; but hold them on federal properties until the feds determine what to do with these illegal persons. It is not the state’s responsibility....

Prudent enforcement of the law is not “rocket science” for our “Big” government...

I'm not sure there is govco property other than military bases and BLM land stolen from the states. It would have to be created, a place to hold them. I think.

I signed up for service in order to “avoid being drafted” during the Vietnam War era.

You do sign away your constitutional rights for a term of four years or other term under what I call a “benevolent dictatorship” of the US armed services. That was better than the foreign governments and dictatorships I saw during my time on active duty. ...


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