The Founding Fathers in America wanted to end the cycle of tyranny that had existed on earth since the beginning to time. The had observed that every previous society was divided into two classes. There was a ruling class who made and enforced the laws and there was a much  larger class that was compelled to obey under the threat of violence.

Our founders wanted to eliminate tyranny and wanted everyone to be treated equally under the law. They knew that men could either govern themselves or be ruled by others. We can be governed by our conscience or ruled by tyrants.

The Constitution was written to be a rule book for government employees to follow. Our founders knew that our liberty could only be maintained if the government was adequately restrained. Due to the ambition and avarice of our leaders we have been negligent and have allowed our government become a tyrannical institution.

If men were honest and respected each others lives, liberty and property government's sole function would be to punish those who violate the rights of the people.

The government that governs least is the government that governs best. Governments like cancer start small, but over time it metastasizes. The key to good government is to keep in small and limit its authority

I think that two of the most articulate spokesmen for the cause of freedom are Larken Rose and Josie the Outlaw. 

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This IS the best I have ever had it explained to me..

Sounds like the Boston type Tea Party is needed all over again.

Already did Sheri. In 1997.

Thanks for the advice. It's good advice which I have given more than once. You will find reference to it in my article, A New Attitude. Look at suggestion number 8.

So many people have no idea what we are talking about. For all those people who don't understand. They don't need to believe us, but just consider that history has a track record that proves that it repeats itself. They need to ask themselves, "could this really be happening again"? They don't need to believe, but DO their homework.

But no, they'll believe the ones who are enslaving them, and NOT the ones attempting to free them. That very human tendency is also an example of history repeating itself.

Our schools and most institutions condition everyone to go along with the deception and that everything is normal. We might ask, "who and what are behind these entities and WHO proclaimed them the last word on what happens in OUR individual lives"? Why can't we have our own opinions and disagree with their self proclaimed authority on all matters?


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