Who IS Responsible for my Security?

Since when is the Federal OR the state responsible for MY safety?/? An even better question arises; Since when is ANYONE besides me responsible for making sure I don't do anything stupid or injurious to others or myself?

This may seem like a stupid question because you immediately wonder "Why do you even ask?"

Well therein lies the rub, as they say. I'll tell why. Because if you look at your situation today and think hard about where your money goes, you will begin to realize, that a CRAPLOAD of it goes to insurance or community protectors of one kind or another! Yep, that's right. Insurance!

For example:

  • Car insurance
  • House insurance
    • Fire
    • Flood
    • Theft, etc.
  • Medical insurance
    • Personal
    • Medicare
    • Medicaid
  • Disability insurance
    • SSDI
  • Social Security insurance
  • Retirement Account insurance
    • 401 K
  • Life insurance
  • Emergency Protections (by our wonderful government)
    • FEMA
    • Homeland Security
    • FBI
    • CIA
    • BATF
    • Dept. of Agriculture
    • And we could go on and on.

You see? And that is not even close to all of your modern day expenses. I don't need to tell YOU. You know already how strapped you are in today's seemingly ENDLESS array of protections foisted upon you.

So then you have to wonder; "What the heck did we do before all this protection came into being"? Did people just die left and right before all of this? Were people running straight into disaster without a single hope, if they had bad luck in more than one way at a time?

DO we just accept the fact that we have to do all of this, or is there a choice?

I say absolutely and unequivocally, NO! You do not have to accept this as the norm. You do not have to keep throwing your money at a 3rd Party Profiteer. You DO have a choice. 

Here's what you can do:

  1. Stop paying Income Tax
  2. Get your kids out of government Schrewel
  3. Take ALL of your money out of the bank
  4. Stop using your SSN
  5. Stop buying all of that insurance, and take steps to protect your property yourself
  6. Start your own garden
  7. Secure Allodial Title to your land, house and car

Had enough? I know, I know. You've heard it all before, right? But think for a minute; just how much money you would have in your pocket if you did these things? Not only that, but how much control over your life do you really need ANYWAY?


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You forgot your burial insurance, brain insurance; and your gonna need it after O-vomit ties all of your insurance up into one neat package that will require 1000% of your potential income over the course of your entire lifetime; including your after life insurance, which is unlimited right?

And for your insurance against a major threat to your life after your already dead from writing the check for your insurance premium for your just in case insurance or for when an asteroid strikes the earth...20,000 years from now...and then there's your insurance for your insurance...you were close Morton, but I just thought I'd dial it in for you a little bit.

O-vomit is doing what he said he would do, "Change you can believe in.... ala Chicago style on the side" You just have to pay for your protection insurance to the local boys down at the Union hall to make sure you don't get run over by a Union Garbage truck...if you get what I mean; and you will get what I mean buddy.

I knew that town was all on the take and it basically hasn't changed much since Al ran that town. The mob runs that State, and the ABA is headquartered right there in O-vomit's community activist neighbor-Hood. Big emphasis on the word Hood if you get what I mean...This guy Obama is out to literally destroy us one way or another. And so far it's working.

But I thought for sure that once I lived in Illinois I would never see another state as corrupt as Illinois, but I was wrong, way wrong, Oregon equals and exceeds the level of corruption, and the difference is; in Chicago at least you and everybody you knew in that State was openly corrupted, no big deal. It's the States that cover it up so carefully you have to watch our for. If you get what I mean..buddy.  

I think you got the message. It's high time we started taking responsibility for our own safety, security and retirement. Buy silver! Not SS insurance.

Check out New York for corruption Eric & Morton! I think we got 'em all beat!

I think "O-vomit" will be selling Terrorist Insurance soon!!!

Very well stated, Good Sir!!

Just where the hell did my paycheck go!!!....DUH!

Good to see you here Steve,

I'm busy as a one legged man, oh wait.. I am a one legged man due to knee and hip problems, so I can't use that example right now...I can't kick my self in the A-s right now. I used to be able to before I broke my left knee again. However, I can start making things interesting for those who like to call themselves elected representatives. Who they represent isn't totally clear right now, but it's sure clear it isn't the American People...is it?.. I didn't think so either.

Become for all intents and purposes a JOAT and make farming your's and your family's best skill. Gasoline manufacture is only a tree or lbs of brush away.  http://www.motherearthnews.com/green-transportation/wood-gas-zm0z12...

or what about clothes here and here http://www.amazon.com/Make-Mens-Clothes-Jane-Rhinehart/dp/0385018509

https://youtu.be/bozhhjYEA5s and there's much more out there.

Let's see> be your own mechanic and keep your transportation simple. Don't need computers. 

One way to keep oil clean is buy synthetic. Save the used oil when changing and when it's too dirty boil the oil in a container and add sodium silicate; it will clean your oil to where it can be used again and again.  Even works on dinosaur fat (oil).

I told the boys to pick something they like to do, then master it. Self preservation and  living off the grid will be large mountain ranges that most won't be able to climb.

So get a handle on something someone else needs.

All of the above is my insurance.

Fantastic Quiz,

I too have a set of talents shall we say. I am very musical. I play several instruments and can sing and dance. I'm what they call in the Industry, a triple threat. In addition, I have the most enriching opportunity; to interact with you fine folks, plying one of my other abilities; that of the written word, hence the Editor status here.

In addition I've spent since 1983 practicing the Electrical trade to quite a high proficiency level. I'm at Master Mechanic. I can build,  am good with numbers. I do replacement windows and Pottery on a potter's wheel I built with my own two hands out of parts from you name it, for a fraction of the cost of one done for me. I'm a good teacher of others as well. I have always taken the lead on every project I am involved with. I am a Draftsman and an Engineer as well and an inventor with one patent pending and more to come.

I could go on, but you get the point. It's great that some have learned and will learn to sew. My Grandmother, (that's what she made me call her), taught me to knit and crochet. I don't think I will be sewing anything much, but if you would like to see my work, I would be glad to send you some pics.


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