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Native Americans...what would they add to our quest if ....

We have an administration that is almost completely devoid of any interest in our wildlife nor the Native Americans and their plights, nor are they interested in the goodness, their talents, their thoughts, their ways of living within concordance with the planet.  Wildlife to them is nothing more than for shooting, trapping and for mostly obscene reasons.

We natives hunt and we believe it is the healthiest meat we can provide for our families; however, we do not hunt for trophy and we do not hunt for fur to put on a jacket, a hide on boots, etc.  We traditional Natives believe in caring for the land, not hurting it further - hence, Ethanol and the Trails are driving us to bedlam as we see, each and every year, more and more damage in more than one realm of agriculture.  We also believe that land ownership is not our right..the lands all belong to the Great Spirit or God and that he shares with us and thus we should and do care for what we are given to live on, do business on, etc.

Many reservations have made it out of poverty and drunkenness, drugs, etc., however, for every nation that has, there are at least three that have not.  For the most part, the recovered nations have done it alone and gone it alone..very little FED resources used and even fewer State resources as both continue to take lands that are ours, under treaty, away for their own greed and personal usage. One huge memento here is the Hammonds in Oregon..that land belongs to the Paiute!  There have been times we have had to fight to keep our rights; not too long ago, it was the FEDS wanting to tax our businesses that are on the reservations - under treaty, they cannot do this - under Federal law they cannot do this.

Enough said..our plight is great...many of us are working to make our culture and ethnicity stronger; many are spending their lives undoing what we are trying to do ...through drinking, drugs, other abuses, etc.

Ask me about immigration!  I have a whole lot of things to tell you and one of those things is...ungrateful Europeans, greedy Caucasians wanting all for themselves or the Muslims, or the refugees or the S. of the border illegals...yet, we should have more rights and support than anyone of the three mentioned above.


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