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ONE of the simplest ways to cure your OWN acid reflux is to stop eating protein after 2pm, and NEVER go to bed with anything in your stomach. Digestion works on gravity, for the most part, and will just sit there and churn allowing acid to 'backup' to the esophagus causing acid reflux.

Another thing to do is research 'Food Combining'.  There are things our parents and grandparents did because it was correct to do that with the advent of fast food have been lost to some of us.

Much like the drink of the day used to be Lemonade because it was alkalizing to our body.

Much like they always cooked ham with clove (kill worms) and pineapple (Bromelain to digest protein).

Much like the 'chewing of' each bite 30 times.  I heard a 4 years old say .. Oh, because my stomach doesn't have teeth!  The food needs to leave the stomach in a chyme (the semi-fluid mass of partly digested food expelled by the stomach into the duodenum), or liquid state to be absorbed by your body, otherwise it just goes out same as it came into the colon.... in chunks.


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