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Churchill County Sheriff Benjamin D. Trotter
Elko County Sheriff Jim Pitts
Humboldt County Sheriff Ed Kilgore
Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo

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I spoke with the Sheriff of Eureka County, Nevada. He informed me when I asked him "What about the Sheriffs in Nevada  and that is when he told me he had just meet with all 17 Sheriffs in Nevada , Police Chiefs and Airports Law Enforcement .. He said all 17 Sheriff in Nevada put together a letter and all signed it stating they will stand up for the 2nd Amendment (this meeting took place this past Thursday, Feb 28th 2013) The Sheriffs name is Kenneth Jones, and under Sheriff Keith Logan, Eureka ,NV

I herd the same thing is there a copy of the letter? So we can look at the signatures? Respond if possible with a copy Thanks

Nevada Sheriffs,

Here is the link for the article concerning the land grab.

Thanks again for your time.


George Mandell


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