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For over one hundred years the State of California was known as the Golden State. The people thrived in a land that was rich in natural  resources and the people were among the most prosperous in the nation. 

In the 1965 while Edmund G. "Pat" Brown was governor the Supreme Court Case Reynolds v Sims changed the political landscape in California which has lead to the demise of the  Golden State.

Up until  this historic case, the state Legislature consisted on an  Assembly which represented the people in the urban counties and a state Senate that represented the people in the rural counties.

In 1965 the state legislature voted to elect our state senators based on population and senatorial districts were created.  Instead of having one house representing the people and one house representing the counties, we have two houses representing the will of the people in the urban  counties.

With this new plan in action we lost the checks and balances which had made California great and created an opportunity of majority to run rough shod over the minority

The Federal Constitution mandates that each state shall have a republican form of government and the apportionment in our state legislature is democratic rather than republican in form,

With nearly 40 million people living in California is has become virtually impossible to govern state efficiently. Dividing California in to two  separate states is an idea whose time has come.

The 15 counties in yellow represent the California and the 43 counties in blue represent the counties of New California. There would be approximately 25 million people in California and 15 million people in the state of New California.

Under this plan the urban counties would form the state of California and the rural counties would form the state of New California.


Click on the New Blue California


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