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The Constitution for the united States has only 4,543 words while the Constitution for Alabama has 175,000 words and 770 amendments.

The state Constitutions were written to protect the lives, liberty and property of the people, but these documents now allow the governments of the states to control the people and their assets.

The documents created to secure our liberty have become the tools in the hands of financial institutions and corporations to redistribute our wealth into their pockets.

The Constitution for the state of California has become a document that gives the legislature the authority violate our God given rights.

The Constitution for the state of California needs to be rewritten to preserve, protect and defend the rights of the people rather than a document that serves the interest of the few at the expense of the many.

The state of California has become a parasitic crime syndicate and the people have become the victims of tyranny.

To participate in a conference call tonight (Tuesday, April 10) call 1-605-475-4922 and enter the access code 116627# at 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

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While not a resident of California, I have made a life study of our National Contitution, and the First Ten Amendments.

The Contitution describes the duties of the Three Branches of our Federal and State Governments, and the Boundaries/Laws/Limits that contain their Powers from being used against each other and all Citizens collectively.

The Bill of Rights, the First Ten Amendments, protect all Citizens from both types of Governments. Both types of Constitutions with their Amendments need constant and continuous review by all Citizens to assure that our servants, those we elect, hire and appoint, judiciously stay within all the, "Original Boundaries and Protections" set our Constitution,and Bill of Rights!


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