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Obama is not the problem. He is merely the symptom of a much larger problem.

We currently live in a land where the government that was created to protect our rights has become the enemy of the people. It is nothing more than a giant crime syndicate run by bankers for the benefit of the financial elite.

Additionally, we seem to be suffering from a mass delusion in Congress as they voted 98-1 that Global Climate Change is real.

I would like to talk to the one guy who voted against this preposterous notion that Earth is getting warmer. At least HE can still think for himself.

This country was built on ingenuity, freedom and the notions of personal responsibility and independence, not the National Debt or Big Banks. What happened to the America of Thomas Jefferson or even Thomas Edison or Henry Ford?

When did we give up and let the government grow so large; controlled by banks and elections instead of reason and restraint of rule?

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The crux of the problem is soul sickness. 

We have a so-called 'supreme' court that denounces the bible and the 10 commandments.

We have an education system that teaches secular humanism, which has been declared by the courts a religion!  Atheism is a religion.  And our lawmakers have passed laws to establish atheism as our national religion.   

Without a Creator, we have NO inalienable rights.  Without a Creator, we don't know who we are, nor understand our purpose in life. 

This nation, once a leader of light, truth, justice and freedom - has been overtaken by the godless, the satanic and the unbelieving. 

Solution?  Get right with God and ask for protection. 


Amen!  Wake Up, America!

Karen Hudes is the lawyer working on solving the banker problem. She explains how we got so off course, and her lawsuit is makeing progress. Worth following.



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