In the case of Reynolds v Sims, the Supreme Court revealed their collective stupidity when they rendered a decision that had disastrous consequences. Before this horrendous decision, the counties in each of the states were represented in their state senate just as the states were represented in the senate of the United States.

They ruled that representation in both houses in the state legislatures must be determined by population rather than by land mass. The justices ruled that it was unconstitutional for the counties to be represented at the state level while  the same standard did not apply to representation of the states in the Senate of the United States.

The  principle of One Man, One Vote should apply in the lower house in Congress and in the state legislatures and in the Senate of the United States.
The people are represented  in the House of Representatives and the states are supposed to be represented in the Senate. The natural resources such as water, timber and minerals need to be represented as well as the people

This formula prevented the large states and counties from dominating the political landscape. This created a check and balance which secured the rights of the people living in rural areas.

We no longer have a bicameral legislature representing the states and the people. Instead, we have a unicameral legislature representing the people only. This subtle change allowed the large metropolitan candidates to be elected and the legislation to be passed.

This Supreme Court decision essentially amended all of the state Constitutions without the consent of ANY of the people.

Our current lack of adequate representation in Congress and the ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment have turned our Republican form of government into a tyranny of the majority.

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With 100 senators and a population of 330 million, we have one Senator for every 3.3 million people and all states with a population of less than 3.3 million would not be entitled to representation in the U.S. Senate.


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