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David Hogg, and his Merry Band of Left-Wing Operatives, are Claiming Perpetual Victim Status, while Exploiting the Psychological Trauma of Blood Being Spilled, and Polarizing the Debate about Guns, to Push a Marxist Political Agenda!

The "We're The Victim, so We're the Good Guys," and "Their the Gun Owners, so Their the Bad Guys," Polarization of the Discussion was crafted intentionally to Demonize Law Abiding Gun Owners, and prevent any real progress toward the discussion of making schools safer.

This type of Marxist Dialect is designed to block an individuals mind from thinking clearly, while supplying a Narrow Unconstitutional solution that is always, and only "Banning Guns."

It would be delusional to believe that the Ego-Maniacal Dictator Wannabe, "David the Hogg" has managed to Capture the White Hot Spot Light without help from the DNC, the MSM, and the Father of Lucifer, "George Soros."

It is Insulting to Law Abiding 'Adult' Gun Owners for these Smart-aleck Children to Insinuate that we don't care about people being killed or wounded. All Gun Owners, in Fact, Everyone in America, is being Traumatized by these (Operation Gladio) type of Mass Shootings.

Law Abiding Gun Owners have just as much right to be upset about these Events as anyone else, and there are several reasons for this.

First of all, no one enjoys the idea of innocent people or children being gunned down in public.

Secondly, I believe most of us find it troubling that the society we live in, seems to be breaking down morally right in front of our eyes, with no end in sight.

And Third, it is especially difficult for Gun Owners when Mass Shooting Events, or for that matter, any Shooting takes place, because we know that someone on the Liberal Left will be pointing an accusing finger in our direction, for a Crime we did not commit.

David Hogg, and his Merry Band of Left-Wing Operatives, are scheming, and planning to descend upon a Political Town Hall Meeting near you.

In fact, a Progressive group at, plans to hold 535 Political Town Hall meetings in the next 2 weeks while both the House and Senate are on recess, which started April 7, and 8, 2018.

Congressional recess is happening right now. Our reps and senators *should* be holding town halls/listening sessions/office hours. Check and follow @townhallproject for updates.

Attend a Town Hall Meeting in your area, and tell your Representatives that you are Offended by Children Accusing you, or any Gun Owner who supports the NRA, of being Murderers, and Irresponsible with Guns!

And Above All, STOP Defending Yourself, GO On The Attack, and,

TAKE BACK THE NARRATIVE! ________________________________________________________________

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