A nation or a country is the name given to identify a particular group of people and the place where they live. Every country has a governing body that is a legal fiction created to control the people or to protect the rights of the people.

Like a corporation a government is an artificial person or a legal fiction and has no inherent rights. Lawful governments derive their power from the consent of the governed.

Many patriotic Americans try to explain how our government has gone astray by asserting that the United States became a corporation in 1871.

What they fail to realize is that virtually every country in the history of the world has been an legal fiction created by a group of individuals to control the people of a nation and their wealth.

When a government or a corporation is controlled by the financial elite the vast majority of the people become debt slaves to the banking institutions.

According to our founding fathers, our government was not created to a  government of, by and for the people. It was not created to benefit the few

The Constitution was written as a rulebook to govern the government and to prevent its abuse of power. The people in each of the states created their own government and transferred a portion of their sovereignty to their state government. The authority granted to their state governments was revokable any time by the voice of the people

The representatives of the people from the states then created a national government and granted to that body a list of enumerated powers. Any power that was not granted to the government was to be retained by the states and the people.

Our government (corporation) has been infiltrated by bankers, lawyers and corrupt politicians and they have seized control of the government of the United States.

When agents of the bankers write unconstitutional laws, the nation that was created to promote liberty has become the author of tyranny. The people that were to be the masters have become the slaves in a land that once was free. We are the employers and those that we elect are to be our servants.

The only way to restore the rule of law is to expel all of the government officials that have been masquerading as public servants. Virtually ever elected official as well as those that have been appointed are enemy agents and need to be terminated.

Does it really make any difference if the UNITED STATES is a corporation or it is simply controlled by corporations?


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Here is the proof.




Proof of what?

I called 302-636-5440 and talked to a real nice guy there and he said that he got 1366 entities when he typed in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 

Then I typed in Delaware.gov  and found this  



File Number: 4525682 Incorporation Date / Formation Date: 04/14/2008



Entity Kind: CORPORATION Entity Type: GENERAL

Residency: DOMESTIC State: DE     


    Name: SPIEGEL & UTRERA, P.A.


City: DOVER County: KENT

State: DE Postal Code: 19901

Phone: (302)744-9800

So I called (302)744-9800 and talked to a nice lady and she said that SPIEGEL & UTRERA, P.A. was a law firm that worked for all sorts of corporations.  She didn’t know what kind of a business the united states of America was.

Now one of these is a religious nonprofit and the other one is a general.  If the government created the corporation in 1871 or there about why was it not filed till 04-19-19089 as a religious nonprofit then file again on 04-14-2008 as a general?  I have a bridge that I would like to sell.

More like a criminal enterprise.

The United States of America is a Common Law trust organization created in 1781 by the adoption of the Articles of Confederation by the thirteen free and independent States declared into existence in 1776 by "the unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America". It is NOT a corporation, except in the sense that all artificial entities have been given a body in the form of a charter of some sort. Trusts are commonly chartered by written indentures. Associations, unincorporated and formally incorporated corporations are typically formed charters or articles of incorporation. THE UNITED STATES created by the Organic Act of 1871 to form a government for the District of Columbia is the fraudulent corporation to which you refer. It is NOT the same as the Common Law republic of 1781, as altered in 1789 "in order to form a more perfect union". The problem is not whether the government is a corporation or not. The problem is who controls that corporation, who are the stockholders? The problem is whether or not the trustees or the officers are running the government according to the indenture or the charter. A really big problem is whether the government is acting as the People's servant or as an extortionist for an international cabal of bankers and attorneys, usurping authority and power not granted in the founding documents!

read the RED AMENDMENT.... quite informative 

Brilliantly conceived as a "republic" whose life span was, at best, uncertain, unchecked federal overreach has created a "corporatist oligarchy" and has essentially eliminated any real semblance of a republic in these united States. Unless constitutional order is fully restored, i.e. restoration of political equality between the States and the Federal Government and a constitutionally limited Federal Government, our republic is but a fiction.

The lifespan of the federal republic was never uncertain. It has always been a matter of what the States that created it want. Each of the States and the federation that they OWN are republics still. There a corporatocracies that have been stealthily imposed upon them, which must be removed. As for political equality between the States and the federal government, no such thing has ever existed and cannot exist because of the inherent superiority of the creator over the creation! And your conclusion is as flawed as it can be. The republic is no fiction. The United States is the fiction.

To further clarify, the Founders were careful to establish a co-equality of clearly defined authority between the sovereign States and the Federal gov't, this to prevent tyranny.

The Constitution, under which this arrangement was created, clearly established the powers of both the States and the central gov't, the former nearly unlimited and implied, and the latter limited to Art 1 Sec 8 powers alone. Obviously, over time and incrementally the feds have effectively blurred that division of powers which fosters republicanism.

Brilliant students of history and understanding Man's corruptibility and the historical inevitability of the central government's usurping State powers, the Founders further understood that our constitutional republic would not last in perpetuity; that so long as both parties to  the "Contract"--that being the Constitution--faithfully complied with the provisions of that Contract, and so long as the Constitution secured the proper authority of the States and the inherent Liberty of the People, that the union, as  a constitutional republic, would flourish.

A this juncture, only by the States' forthrightly and peacefully invoking their 10th Amendment powers--this to nullify unconstitutional federal overreach and to restore the proper balance between State and Federal authority--can massive civil unrest and, ultimately, disunion, be prevented.

In the final analysis, if a constitutional republic cannot be sustained at a national level, all is not lost.  As independent sovereignties, States could opt to derive the benefits of being constitutional republics quite apart from a union which has strayed from such foundational principles.

For me, our belief in a union at ANY PRICE is suicidal, a pact with the devil. We are none of us duty-bound to go down with a sinking ship, and that is what the Founders understood as well.

Today, "our" overweaning, invasive, tyrannical federal government no longer faithfully complies with the foundational principles needed to be correctly described as a "constitutional republic". This jeopardizes not only the union, but throws into serious question whether or not we can any longer objectively and honestly define our political system as a republic. A composite of oligarchy, corporatism, socialism and statism. But, most assuredly, no longer a republic.


Good post - and the answer is - - - http://articlevprojecttorestoreliberty.com/article-v.html

Bullshit! The United States is NOT a nation!! It is nothing more than a federation of nations. A constitutional convention is the most dangerous idea of them all at this time.

Steven, can you give 2 examples of the ultimate prime constitutional intent of 1787?

Do you realize Article V is controlled by constitutional intent?

I don't understand your questions. Please elaborate.


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