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A nation or a country is the name given to identify a particular group of people and the place where they live. Every country has a governing body that is a legal fiction created to control the people or to protect the rights of the people.

Like a corporation a government is an artificial person or a legal fiction and has no inherent rights. Lawful governments derive their power from the consent of the governed.

Many patriotic Americans try to explain how our government has gone astray by asserting that the United States became a corporation in 1871.

What they fail to realize is that virtually every country in the history of the world has been an legal fiction created by a group of individuals to control the people of a nation and their wealth.

When a government or a corporation is controlled by the financial elite the vast majority of the people become debt slaves to the banking institutions.

According to our founding fathers, our government was not created to a  government of, by and for the people. It was not created to benefit the few

The Constitution was written as a rulebook to govern the government and to prevent its abuse of power. The people in each of the states created their own government and transferred a portion of their sovereignty to their state government. The authority granted to their state governments was revokable any time by the voice of the people

The representatives of the people from the states then created a national government and granted to that body a list of enumerated powers. Any power that was not granted to the government was to be retained by the states and the people.

Our government (corporation) has been infiltrated by bankers, lawyers and corrupt politicians and they have seized control of the government of the United States.

When agents of the bankers write unconstitutional laws, the nation that was created to promote liberty has become the author of tyranny. The people that were to be the masters have become the slaves in a land that once was free. We are the employers and those that we elect are to be our servants.

The only way to restore the rule of law is to expel all of the government officials that have been masquerading as public servants. Virtually ever elected official as well as those that have been appointed are enemy agents and need to be terminated.

Does it really make any difference if the UNITED STATES is a corporation or it is simply controlled by corporations?


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Yes, that's true, it is a "charter of liberties" but now "we" are being held to "off-shoot" laws that are being made by rogue courts and judges.  I suppose in very loose terms, you could call it a contract.  I had mentioned that I saw a woman by the name of Kris Anne Hall the other night.  She spoke on our history, the Constituion and has a very impressive resume.  She speaks for free all over the country.  To groups, in schools, wherever you need her.  She is wonderful.  If anyone is interested, please look her up or let me know.  I know the woman who can contact her directly.  She is inspirational and very informed.



Would you please send me any and all information on how to contact Kris Anne Hall?

Byron just Google her name she has a site and Facebook page.

OK, Ronnie, but, in simplest terms, the Constitution is a contract created by the States and the People of each of those States.

Essentially, it creates two parties to that contract, the several States (which can also act independently of their sister States) and the central government. All parties to this contract are firmly obliged to faithfully uphold the provisions of that contract, failing which the offended party is no longer bound by that contract. As such, each State may properly withdraw from the contract.

The Declaration of Independence was not a contract. I covered a lot of this in my book, advertised on this site, entitled "A Patriot's Call to Action".

Ok, fair enough.  Well put.  Whenever you have a written document, i.e., a contract, binding two parties to certain terms and conditions, but when one does not uphold a provision of that contract does that automatically negate the contract?  I don't think so.  A contract remains binding.  One must seek redress for grievances against the party who does not abide by the contract, i.e., the Federal Government.  So whatever you want to call it, however you want to parse words, in my opinion, it is a "corporation" bound by a contract.  We the people, being the superior party to the contract.  It is analogous to an employer giving an employee a contract when they begin working for them.  It says what they will and will not do and what the employee must and must not do.  Same thing.  It is a contract binding two parties to terms and condition, under the auspices of the larger corporation, so to speak.  If that makes sense.  Yes, our government is failing to uphold their part of the agreement, and it's not even that.  There is no part that they are really bound to uphold.  It is more of what they can't do to us.  But they are violating that.  There are many ways to look at it, but the bottom line is the same.      

The States, as party to  this compact, have permitted an erosion, a usurpation of their sovereign powers, thus allowing the other party to this compact, that being the central gov't, pre-eminence. Who is responsible for this contractual violation? Both the States who have permitted it, and, in turn, an emboldened central gov't which continues to grow their powers with impunity. The easiest, most peaceful fix is State Nullification. Such would stop the unbridled federal power grab COLD.

I will believe that when I see that!  Try telling Chuck Schumer, here in N.Y., to do that!!  Do you think for one minute he'd listen to anyone here?  He doesn't care what his constituents think, because the bulk of his constituents think like him and the rest of us have to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune!  We're stuck in this welfare state headed by the likes of Bill DiBlasio, our new Communist mayor, Governor Cuomo, who doesn't have room for conservatives in "his" state, and Schumer, who hasn't missed a Kodak moment in his entire tenure as Senior Senator.

I agree, but the 10th was placed in the Constitution by the Founders for the express purpose of keeping Leviathan under control and operating within its constitutional limits.

Of course, if a State does not invoke its 10th Amendment authority, then all remedies endorsed by our Founders must necessarily be on the table.


The 14th amendment gutted the 10th . . especially when combined with the usurped meaning of the Supremacy clause.

They certainly are not contracts; and assumptions made simply for the sake of arguing make bigger asses of u and me than regular ones. The United States of America is NOT a corporation. It is an Express Trust Organization. Its indenture is the Constitution. Have you ever heard of the Public Trust? Such things do not exist hypothetically. They is or they ain't.

From a practical standpoint, the several States and the central gov't do, essentially, have a contractual relationship which is enshrined in the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, which is the "rule book" outlining respective powers and responsibilities of each party to that contract. This "contract"/"rule book" binds all parties until such time that it no longer adequately protects the sovereignty of the States and the Liberty of the People. Such a violation of its provisions occurred in 1861 which launched the needless and preventable "War of Northern Aggression" or, more accurately, the "War of Southern Independence". By the way, by definition the war wasn't a "civil war", although nationalists/statists among us ceaselessly promote that mythology.

Both the states and the central government are governed by rule books not contracts. The state Constitution governs the state governments and the National Constitution governs the National government.

In the both Constitutions we the people delegated a portion of our sovereignty to the states and short list of powers to the national government.The Constitution do not bind us, but they do bind both the state and national governments.


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