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Editor's Note - This is the video Russel watched and the following is what he had to say on the subject.

As a black man, I am pleased and overwhelmed with the courage and steadfastness of a community of predominately white Americans who dared to challenge the usurpers of lawful government. They were ready to lay down their lives to adhere to the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness at the point of a bayonet. This was a peaceful protest where property was not damaged, no rioting, no Molotov cocktails were being thrown, no foul language was being used etc.

Hey black people, if you have a grievance with authority, this is the way to do it! Nothing is going to be obtained by destroying property that does not belong to you such as cars, stores, encouraging physical altercations with the police, swearing, wearing your pants below the waist line ad nauseum.

Now you wonder why the majority of lawful Americans prefer not to be in close proximity with you. The lesson for you dark skinned people is to embrace the fact that we are all Americans who share the same problems that the Bundys face. Get over the color line and stand shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters. This problem will not be resolved if we choose to remain divided.

Stop watching TV, playing video games, drinking beer at the local pub engaged in idle gossip and come together as one, this is what the corruption fears the most, an intelligent and informed citizenry!

As I recall the movie Spartacus played by Kirk Douglas said to the pirate, "when a slave lifts his head from the dirt and says no, the mighty Roman Empire trembles."

I am getting off my soap box now, until then, Hail Caesar!

 -Russel Thompson

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