Like millions of others, I supported the movement to call  for a Convention of the States. Then I discovered that what Patrick Henry said was absolutely true. I formed my earlier opinion based on a false premise which lead me to draw a false conclusion. I deeply regret that I was conned into believing that the Convention of the Statea was a good idea.

The prescribed method for amending the Constitution was in the Articles of Confederation  Knowing that it would have been virtually impossible for them to get the unanimous support of all of the states they simply changed the rules for ratification.

In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson said that when the government becomes tyrannical it was the right and duty of the people to alter or abolish their government and that is exactly what they did.

The reason for seeking to amend the Constitution was not because the Articles of Confederation had become tyrannical, but because the of defects in the document.

The reason our government has become tyrannical because the Constitution is not being obeyed. The people were responsible to monitor their government and hold the elected officials accountable for not obeying the Constitution.

The Constitution has failed to do its job because we the people have failed to do our job. We don't need to ,alter or abolish our government, we simply need our government officials to obey it. Every law including the Constitution which is the supreme law of land ceases to be law when it is not enforced  George W. Bush stated that the Constitution was just a God damned piece of paper.

We the people are above the Constitution and the government and we have both the right and the duty to hold those government officials accountable Those who fail to comply with limitations imposed on them in the Constitution need to put on trial for their crimes.

Currently our Congressmen and women are rewarded by Wall Street bankers and corporations for passing unconstitutional legislation because we allow it. Instead rewarding the criminals we need to prosecute them for their crimes.

Congress continues to spend money we don't have on programs and projects that are unconstitutional. We can reduce spending significantly by simply requiring Congress to only spend money on those things authorized in the Constitution.

In Article 1 Section 8 Congress only authorized to spend money to pay our debts, provide funding for our common defense and for promoting the general welfare.

Money that is allocated to foreign countries is unconstitutional. Allocating money to fund government agencies and bureaus is unconstitutional, allocating money to help some of our people at the expense of others is also unconstitutional.

We don't need to pass an balanced budget amendment all we would need to do is limit spending to the areas authorized in the Constitution.

By imposing term limits on elected officials we take away an individuals right to vote for the candidate of his or her choice. We need to educate the people of the principles in our Constitution so they can make an informed decision. Currently the men and women elected are the ones who spend the most money.

I agree that the people and the states have a right to call for a Convention of the States, but that does not mean that we should exercise that right. We wouldn't need to amend the Constitution if we simply enforced it.

If our Congressmen knew they would be held accountable to the voters in their districts for recklessly spending their money on unconstitutional programs and projects we would see a dramatic improvement in their behavior.

In Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17 the Constitution limits the jurisdiction of the government to an area not to exceed 10 miles square prohibits the government from owning land in the states unless it is to be used for military forts, arsenals, dockyards and needful buildings. The government now claims to own over 70% of land in some of the western states. The government claims to own up to 900 million acres.

All of the issues the Convention of the States are pushing can be accomplished simply by strictly enforcing the Constitution,

Promoters of a Convention of the States claim that a Convention of the States in not a Constitutional Convention.


According to Black's Law Dictionary a Constitutional Convention is defined as a

A duly constituted assembly of delegates or representatives of the people of a state or nation for the purpose of framing, revising, or amending its constitution.

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The vain and aspiring only support the Constitution when it agrees with their agenda and ideology. Until we FORCE our public servant to OBEY their Oath of Office, wasting any time on amendments is just insane thinking and just supports doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results.

Congress can and will call any Article 5 gathering to propose amendments to the Constitution and that MEANS Congress can and WILL make ALL the rules for it... The who, what, when and where, NOT the States or the PEOPLE!

Anyone that believes otherwise has been manipulated into a sense of patriotism by the education system, the media, the government and other sources outside of their own experience.

Until we return the Senate to a States house, as the Constitution calls for, Congress CANNOT call anything and should not be allowed to have ANY effect on the States or the People at all!

Why was this removed??

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Morton, in WHO or WHOM may I place my trust?  I most assuredly can NOT trust the Meckler, Beck, Levin, Tea Party et al faction as they brought the scourge LYINGted Illegal Alien Cruz to DC.  Looks li...


Because I deleted my comment and re-commented! 

I thought the wording was too harsh. However, I still will NEVER agree or trust the tea party/meckler/beck/levin/soros et al operatives that bought/& paid for the scourge of an illegal alien aka man without a country (because he renounced his Canadian at birth citizenship in 5.2014) LYING Raphael Eduardo "Ted" (as if he could be part of Kennedy's Camelot!?!) Cruz to be the illegally sitting Senator from the Great State of Texas which will take an act of God or a high powered water hose to flush this GoldmanSach's Rat out! Gasp!

That comment?

I'm just a hardcore American/America First kinda Texan.

OK, just checking.

I agree with Checks and Balances!

Very true and the first check and balance IS between WE THE PEOPLE and the States, NOT the 3 branches the Constitution formed.

All this discussion/educating each other is extremely vital to our nation's survival, however, is a moot point .. as I type Governor Gregg "Traitor" Abbott has issued his A-V Victory lap on 'the runaway federal government' to read:

Governor Greg Abbott released the following statement after the Texas House of Representatives passed a resolution (SJR 2) calling for a Convention of States. Passing a resolution for a Convention of States was one of Governor Abbott’s emergency legislative priorities.

"Today marks an important step toward restraining a runaway federal government and returning power back to the states and their respective citizens as our Founders intended. The Texas Legislature has heard and responded to the voices of those they represent, and I applaud the efforts of the Texas House to pass this important resolution. A call for a Convention of States reinforces Texas' status as a champion of limited government and individual freedom, and I want to thank Reps. Rick Miller, Phil King, Drew Darby, Andy Murr, Chris Paddie, Larry Gonzales and Ken King for their work and commitment in passing this resolution."

So many traitors so little time!

If calling for it results in Congress becoming Constitutional again in order to call one, then that is worth it. Otherwise, without the FORCED obedience to the Oath of Office, it is completely useless and a waste of valuable time.

Just like some grand jury calling for something that is not enforced by the same public servants that ignore their Oath.

If I thought Abbott had my/or Texas best interest at heart I would back him 150%.

However, he passed a 1/2 @$$ Bathroom bill which still allows MEN in tights, or not, to be in women's/GIRLS PUBLIC restrooms, and cops are still allowed to ROB motorists on the Paved Seas of Texas for ill gotten gains.

Because if someone deletes their own comment, all replies to it share the same fate if that option is executed by the deleter. And, if you leave the replies to a comment that has been deleted, it sometimes comes out looking strange because of a lack of flow.



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