The Spectramini – User Manual

Basic System Multi-functional home therapy device

Recent studies conducted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have revealed possibly one of the greatest health breakthroughs of our time.  We will post the links at the end of the article but the short version is this.  The scientists discovered that stimulating the visual cortex of the brain with certain gamma frequencies drastically lowers plaque in the brain and also activates the cells that clean debris away.  They discovered that brain related issues associated with aging can be positively impacted through this 40hz gamma wave input.

When I saw their research I nearly wept.  I realized that equipment supplements that we already had in our company could be adjusted to produce the right frequency output to match the research conducted by MIT.  So we immediately went to work to put together a system that addresses this new information.  Our Basic Spectramini system includes the following:

Power Controller 

This small and portable powerhouse contains the microprocessor that regulates and generates our frequencies.  We have two programs that produce pulsed electro magnetic frequencies (PEMF) and light based (LLLT) frequencies. 

Mode 1: generates 11 frequencies (Tesla and Schuman) that can be used for standard therapies on all parts of the body.   Aches, pains and soft tissue injuries respond well to our PEMF pad and our light pad.  Mode 1 will run for 32 minutes and then automatically shuts off. Simply apply the light pad or PEMF pillow to the area of the body where you have discomfort and these two therapies will increase blood flow while lowering inflammation.  This combination is a proven and well researched approach to gain relief and encourage healing.

Mode 2: contains the MIT research 40hz frequencies and can be applied to the cerebral cortex via PEMF pillow or the light pad.  While this is still a very new application and we certainly can make no claims, we have seen many encouraging results.  The two therapies may be applied to the back of the head or the light pad can simply be turned on in the room where the light can be seen.  Under no circumstances should anyone who is prone to seizures use or even be in the same room when the Spectramini is in operation.

Power Settings: the Spectramini is programmed to operate in three different levels of power output.  The low level is 1/4 output, the medium level is 1/2 output and the high level is full output.  If you click through the power settings with the light pad on you can easily see the difference in the output of each setting.  Everyone should begin on the low setting until you see how you will react to the therapies.

PEMF Pillow Pad.    

Our pillow sized Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequencies (PEMF) pad fits easily behind the back, under the head or can be held on any part of the body using the attached Velcro straps.  The nice thing about PEMF therapy is that there is no discomfort associated with the application.  Our pad generates a weak magnetic field that is then pulsed at various frequencies.  There are no known negative side effects to PEMF application but there are many well researched benefits.

When a magnetic field is pulsed at certain frequencies, the body’s response is lower inflammation and increased blood flow which lowers pain.  Thousands of research studies have confirmed that the body heals faster when exposed to PEMF therapy.  Magnetic fields pass easily through the body and deliver these benefits in this simple but highly effective therapy.

Light Pad

We have been producing light pads for several years using high intensity LED’s.  This field of therapy is known as Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT).  There are 54 of these high intensity LED’s in our pad, and as you will see when you use them, they are very powerful.  You will want to learn all the benefits and uses of traditional light therapy.  The reason we chose red for the application of the Mode 1 – (traditional light therapy) and Mode 2 – (40hz MIT researched frequencies) is that red penetrates deeper into the tissues of the body than other colors.  Red also is a great light for encouraging the body’s natural healing processes.

Cognitive Support Formula

We also are a supplement company that is always researching new and exciting formulations for various applications.  We recently released our cognitive brain support formula that will be a wonderful companion product for the PEMF and light pad therapies.  Our unique formula lowers inflammation and passes through the blood brain barrier. 

While we cannot and would not want to make any claims about our products, we believe the combination of the three therapies will be a blessing to many people.  We are so confident that you will be pleased with your results that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  Try our system and if you are not thrilled with the results, simply return it to our representative for a full product refund. 

With all the discoveries being made in recent years, we are pleased to be a part of what we believe to be brighter days for human health.  I can’t wait to hear your story.

Thank you for your trust and confidence in our system.  We pray you find the benefits you seek.


The Millennial Health Team

Additional Attachments

  1. Full body PEMF Pad

      For those who want to enjoy the benefits of PEMF therapy, we produce a full body pad that can be laid on a bed or placed in a chair.  The body pad produces a much larger field to deliver PEMF energy to the whole body.

  1. Sublingual Light Delivery

      Studies have shown a wide array of benefits from exposing the blood to UV and red light.  This therapy is known as blood irradiation and has been used for decades.  The drawback to this therapy is that until now it has required that blood be drawn from the body – treated – and then returned to the body.  As you can imagine, this approach has many problems in application.  With our sublingual light, you can enjoy many of the same benefits with no chance of blood contamination.  Our light is delivered under the tongue using Quartz light pipes just like you would use a thermometer.  The light colors and the frequencies deliver an inhibiting environment for unwanted agents in the blood.

Caution: This device has a powerful cleansing effect on the blood and should never be used on the medium or high levels.  Only use the low setting for 15 minutes for the first week.

  1. Power Wand

     Due to request from our customers, we now produce an attachment to deliver the benefits of the light frequencies in a small hand held wand.  This will allow easy application to ears, throat, gums, acupuncture points, energy meridians and parts of the body that have very localized pain such as tennis elbow.  The same light energy and frequencies of the large light pad are now available in a light weight, easy to use hand held wand.

Set-Up for Spectramini Basic System

Carefully unpack your system to confirm that it contains the following.

  1. Power Cord
  2. Control unit
  3. PEMF pillow pad
  4. 54 LED light pad
  5. Carrying case
  6. Cognitive supplements

Step 1 – Plug the power cord into the control unit.  Be sure it is plugged in completely to the connector that says “power in” but do not push too hard.

Step 2 – Plug the power into a standard 110 outlet.  The control unit will light for a few seconds and then turn off.

Step 3 – Plug the desired attachment to the control unit where it says pad out.  Again be sure the connector is fully inserted into the connector without pushing too hard.  Now push the power button on the control unit.  The power indicator light will begin to flash for about 10 seconds.  Since every attachment requires different power to operate, the control unit performs an internal diagnostic every time it is turned on.  Once the power light stops flashing and remains illumined, it is safe to adjust the controller to the desired level (1, 2 or 3) and the mode setting to 1or 2.


Never use the Spectramini in the presence of anyone that has or is prone to seizures. 

Never use the Specrtamini in an environment that is moist or exposed to liquids.

Never look directly into the lights.

Consult your physician or health provider before using the Spectramini and share any concerns or reactions with them.

PEMF Manual

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