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Watching a show on TV about immigration, I couldn't help but notice that while these people were explaining why they want to be here in America, they were actually just reciting the Bill of Rights.

As an observer, I was listening to people describe how some in other countries would even rather be a domesticated animal in America, than stay in their country of origin.

They were saying things like, you can buy a house, start a business, have 2 dogs and as many children as you want. They would point out that they could now express their religion, sexual orientation, admiration, or appreciation for whatever, therein describing the freedom of speech, so eloquently restated in the First Amendment.

They were speaking of freedom as though America was the only place where they would find it. They think we're crazy for complaining about anything, because the governments of their country are so much worse than ours. They have no idea why we would complain. After all they have problems like;

  • In China; one child
  • In Cuba, no private property rights
  • In Iraq, no freedom of travel without being treated like a suspect, wherever you go.

You get the point. I think two things.

  1. That we do sometimes forget just why we're the best country on Earth, and;
  2. The above testimony for me only proves that although these immigrants are very grateful to be here, they have been SO DEEPLY and heavily oppressed, that they don't recognize the "tyranny light" entrenched in our own government, when they see it.

To them it looks like freedom, (when compared to their own). But that's the key. It only looks like freedom, when you have something worse to compare it to and a proper frame of reference. However, as we all well know, looks can be deceiving.

They don't realize that if you speak out or act to secure your rights, in direct opposition to the "Agencies of government",  (like the BLM, for instance?), that you will be "taught a lesson" about who is in charge and just how much freedom you REALLY have. I would refer you to the Hammonds and The Bundys, David Koresh at Waco and Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, Terry Trussel, Thomas David Deagan, and Robert "Lavoy" Finnicum.

These immigrants, although altruistic, honest and sincere in their admiration for this country, have NO IDEA what their talking about when it comes to freedom. TRUE freedom. ALL of the freedoms we deserve, from birth. The freedoms that the Hammonds and Bundys were arrested for supporting. They have an extremely skewed vision of the world because their host countries have been overrun with extreme corruption and evil.

We at the Constitution Club are trying to keep America from turning into the "Tyranny Heavy" that exists in the rest of the countries of the world. And even if it looks like freedom to their people, we know better. We recognize "Tyranny Light" when we see it.

Support The release of the Hammonds and Bundys from their political prison.

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Morton, I think we are probably already "Tyranny Heavy" and don't know it, thanks to MSM and the ignorant sheeple being used in support.

~All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people

of good conscience to remain silent~


~Whenever a separation is made between liberty and justice,

neither, in my opinion, is safe~

Edmund Burke

I wonder how the aforementioned casualties, and 'POW' would respond to Tyranny Light/heavy? I,as a casualty, would say HEAVY! 

Billions are stolen everyday as we 'travel' from point A to point B with some not reaching point B.

I am retired. It seems like every few months I have to pay the government for my freedom.  My parents lived into their nineties. They lived in a home that no one had moved out of since it was built in the 1790's They eventually had to sell because they could not afford the taxes.  Is that Freedom? 

  • If I want to drive a car, I first have to pay the Government.
  • In my area, if you don't already have a well for water, you are not permitted to dig one.
  • You are required to buy your water from a government entity.

I understand the point you are making about those from other countries. I have visited some other countries. Many Mexicans think they are free and some are, as long as they do not want to own anything.

As you pointed out, the Bundy's and the Hammonds should be free. All drug users who have not committed a crime against someone else, should be free. Every time I go to a restaurant, use my computer, or stay at a hotel, I am constantly paying a fee to our Government.

During the Obama administration, they created a law to prevent phone companies from breaking down the phone bill to show how much you paid in taxes. I guess when I was working, it did not bother me so much, but now...

I do not like having to pay protection money. We allow the government to take as much as 70% of what we earn and then we are grateful when we get a few dollars back at the end of the year. You have all heard, freedom is not free, but this is not freedom. 

Thank you for that observation. It is an example of how one's personal perception can change what they think they know.

Here is a first hand conversation I had with a past neighbor. He was an older gentleman that came to the US as a refugee years ago. He explained he was trying to flee his prior Communist country. Being a refugee, he had no choice of where in the World he might be sent. He could have ended up in the UK, Australia, Canada, anywhere. But he landed here. He became an American Citizen, the legal way. He worked for others, he was self employed as a handyman/contractor. he saved enough money to build a home with his own hands.

Only a few years ago, when political trouble was ramping up rather insanely, he was warning me of what HE was witnessing. He was pointing out that the USA was become a Socialized nation. Everything that has been happening and much more accelerated recent events were indications that America was being changed. He was very emotional about the examples and what they meant. The way he explained it best is, " Americans that have lived here your entire lives can't see what's going on right now. I am telling you, today's current events are exactly what I escaped from. It's Socialism and Communism! I am an America now, I love America, I don't want to loose it. I can feel my freedoms being taken away each day. What's wrong with the rest of this country, is that they have no reference point to see what's going to happen next. But today's America is NOT what is written in the history books. They are changing it!"

That was the most patriotic American I have had a conversation with. A refugee who persisted and legally became a Citizen. He understood our Bill of Rights, fiat money, and politics better than anyone I knew. Because he lived the Dark Side before coming here.

Perception is defined by where one's viewpoint is coming from. Sometimes we need to heed the warning of those with a different perspective.

Well you're right Mike,

Some of the people who come to America, have gotten past the point where they need to assimilate anymore or are satisfied with keeping their blinders on and now have enough time to look up and see the same tyranny they left behind growing by leaps and bounds in America right in front of them and they recognize it because they've seen it before.

Those who are aware are outnumbered however, by the majority of immigrants who are sure they just landed in Heaven and haven't got a clue that they're about to find out different.


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