A Ponzi Scheme is a fraudulent activity used by criminals to steal the property of the gullible masses. The banks, oil companies, insurance industry are classic examples as are the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the BAR Association and Social Security.

All Ponzi schemes appear on the surface to seem to be legitimate, but ultimately in every case those at the bottom are exploited by those at the top.

Many people are so used to getting screwed by the government, when they hear about the benefits of Crowdfunding they immediately think something that sounds so good must be an illegal Ponzi scheme.

A traditional Crowdfunding project manager is a beggar who  competes with tens of thousands of other beggars . Instead of asking the few people with money to donate money to your project, we are looking for people without money who have a project that they would like to fund.

Most of us in the patriot community have big hearts, big dreams and very little money. To escape debt slavery we must think outside of the box. As long as we keep doing what we've been doing we will keep getting what we've been getting.

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It just turns out we were funding the wrong crowd doesn't it? I have a project I want funded, all it needs is some strong trees, and some good stout rope, and a strong short stool, or a short ladder, and a good strong knot and a few hundred corrupt politicians/lawers, and the irresistible force of gravity, and we're in business, it does require a good hang man and then we're in business, and the prospects are all lined up and waiting in line...along with the people whose job is to keep those standing in line from wandering off...

What I think of it as is to have many people agree about your project and send a couple of dollars say or whatever they can afford to one person.  Gathering a lot of money from all to that one person so they can fund their project.  Then when it comes around again from someone to fund a project, you as the benefactor of previous Crowd Funding for your project, will in turn send to someone else to help them with theirs.  If that is indeed the only way we, who are not rich, get to do some things- then I think it is a good idea.  It would need to be monitored so that no one abuses it, but in all I think it sounds a good thing.     Example:  When a farmers barn burned everyone shows up with the wherewithal to help rebuild the barn.  When something happens to another then you whose barn was rebuilt go to help your neighbor with whatever it is he needs help with.  That is how it once was anyway when people treated each other with Christian kindness....granted there were those that did not do that in any case as well bake then. 

And that's what CONgress and the FED Reserve and all the lawyers thought too, when they set up what we have today. Could anyone explain to me how your going to fund a seemingly worthy project with all the Federal Reserve Notes which are backed by nothing but faith and only have value when a majority of world believes in them, and what is the back up for when the majority of the world will no longer accept's these backed by nothing pieces of paper? Their goes your "crowdibility" funding.

Faith has it's place when placed in the Almighty, but when it's placed in something that is artificial and basically has no value other than what someone will give you for it, it is a fleeting thing when it's not backed by value in something that can't be printed or created out of thin air, but even thin air has little value when it's become polluted by the works of men.  I was once naive and believed in the good in the hearts of mankind, but I have grown away from such naïveté's and have found the hardened hearts of mankind and find them lacking for need of funding, at least by me. And certainly with the current administration, I'm not holding my breath.

Eric....I am not sure what you are meaning.  Or perhaps it is me that is not understanding what is meant by Crowd funding?  It thought it was just something here in the US and not to do with anything else.  Just people helping people?  and not anything to do with faith either just that it is the way Christians are with one another in helping.

Other wise I do see what you mean in how many are so cold and ignore each other not caring who is in need or hurting etc.....there are those too.  I havce lieved on the sam street for 36 years and only know the first names of some and a very few last names of others that have lived here as long as I have and even then no one talks to each other...oh the odd wave, but that is it.   Some years ago it all changed from the friendly neighborhood it once was where we all knew each other because of our children.  When all the illegals began moving in- everyone else sold and moved out....then came 08 and many left lost their houses and never came back.  Houses were sold cheap to other mexicans mostly so we are about run out of our own area now.  It is quiet again, but we have had to work at it and call the police a lot to get things decent.  

As to the administration; he is a disgrace to humanity and I do not care what color he is!  It is what is lacking between his ears and in his heart that has me furious at his treason to America.   Best to you!

The hardened heart's started up right after the Viet Nam war ended, war creates wealth for those who wage it is my guess, and it's only benefit is to feed the greed of those who wage it is my guess.

I saw the neighborhood effect right during the war, and it escalated as it wound down too. Neighborhoods, were where neighbor's actually knew their neighbor's and did actually know each other and those peoples kids actually played with each together, instead of killing an enemy that isn't real but just considered a source of entertainment today, for those who have never lived in a real neighborhood where kids played with each other instead of joining drug gangs, does anyone remember what I'm talking about? Remember when gasoline cost like less then .25 cents a gallon, you know when the dollar was actually worth something? Yeah, that's when people actually cared about the future, and nowadays no can afford to care so much anymore. Now today family values that were traditional back 40 years ago are long gone, and charities such as Hillarities, (intentional spelling error and I meant it!) never could have gotten away with what they actually haven't done. I'm from the Clinton Foundation and how can we not help you? Type of thing... I'm sure others see her the same way too...I'm a skeptic and after the 60's 70's 80's and 90's and the 20's I find it rather amazing anyone can afford not to be...skeptical, How about you?

Yes, I understand what you mean now.....I agree that after Vietnam things did change...I saw what it did to my Dad who went three times, but one was cause he wanted to go back and make a lot of money he said.....well actually it was to find his Vietnamese family he had over there and bring them to the US.  Needless to say that cause untold upset for our family ...it ended our family and we have been scattered all over ever since.  My father turned very hard divorced my mother and married two other times and left them too.  He now lives with the Vietnamese daughter who has taken him for everything he had.  So yes, that sure enough did start a lot of things changing.  And no I do not trust much as you can understand that I could not trust my own father, nor my husband and that has carried on into the rest of my life.  I trust my faith in God and that is about all I trust.   I cannot stand Hillary Clinton or Obama...they are ruining America along with many others.

I read many what if's and will be and who might not's. Well we must work with what we have at the present time. Get off the what if part and get to work with what we have and God will take care of the rest. Complaining wont help just like worry.

Hi Keith. I hear you loud and clear. I'd like to propose that if you can help by getting my project up and managing the funding, I will work a split with you on the funds, as I would like to see the Constitution Club benefit also. Since my project is a business, we can also make future arrangements to further benefit the Constitution Club. Let me know.


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