Even though I am currently experiencing pain in my lower back I completely love and accept myself. The pain which I feel is my body's attempt to deal with the stress and negative emotions in my life.

Every day my old dysfunctional cells are being replaced with new stronger and healthier cells. Day by day my health is being restored and as I remove the stress and tension from my life.

I was born with the capacity to heal myself and I have the power to rid my body of pain and discomfort. I have a right to live without pain and to enjoy a healthy mind and body.

My back pain is a manifestation of negative emotions. I know that my negative thoughts and fears are the birthplace of my pain. I no longer wish to endure the pain and hereby banish the pain from my body.


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The Emotional Freedom Technique can be used by people who suffer from Arthritis, Diabetes, Back Pain, Parkinson's Disease. Alzheimer's Disease, Acid Reflux, Prostate issues, ALS, Autism, Migraine Headaches, Neuropathy, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and many more maladies.

You can treat these conditions without having without surgery or the risk of becoming dependent of pain killing medication. You can train yourself to use this technique to manage your pain and eliminate the needs for prescription medicine and expensive medical treatments.

If any of you are interested in trying this method of eliminating chronic pain, I can refer you to a certified professional EFT technician. You learn how to heal yourself if you are wiling to watch some instructional  videos.


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