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If you really serious about getting educated,  I suggest you spend 20 to 30 minutes a day watching the videos posted on the Prager University. While I agree with most of the content, I disagree with Dennis Prager's position of the Zionist government of Israel.

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Thanks Keith,

A while back Prager had an infoshort by a history professor at West Point. His stated position was that the

Civil War (AKA - many other things) was fought to abolish slavery.  I had read that it was a question of States Rights.  My interest piqued I have subsequently purchased and read a number of books about the Northern War of Aggression and am thoroughly convinced that slavery was NOT the causal factor.  It is said that in war,  "history is written by the victor".  Some of the more recent books put forward theories that are wrong and others that are very plausible.  The fact is that "the South" got and continues to this day to get a very, very bad deal.  The Constitution Club has also been helpful in my search for the "Truth About The (UnCivil) War.




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