Starting on May 1, 2017 Members of the Constitution Club will be
charged  $5 per month to cover website maintenance and administrative costs.

In the Gold Bar below,  you will see a number of tabs
that will take you to video presentations on various topics.

Attention Fellow  Patriots

In the center of the main page you will see articles and/or videos posted by Keith Broaders and Morton IX.  Also posted on the Main Page you will have access to recent blogs and forums. The membership roster is also posted on the Main Page.

In the column on the right you will have access to sources of alternative news with Gary Franchi, Lou Dobbs and Judge Andrew Napolitano.

You will also have access to "The Principles of Liberty", "The Philosophy of Liberty" and "The Law" by Frederic Bastiat  You can also go to Constitution Facts and see how much you know about the Constitution.

In the Gold Bar at the top of this page you will see a number of tabs that will take you to video presentations on various topics.

In order to begin the process of reclaiming control over the House of Representatives we only need for volunteers in each of the 50 states. The volunteers will be asked to go to his or her state capitol. One pf the individuals will read a Proclamation, one will video tape the presentation and two people will hold a banner promoting the ratification of the 28th amendment.

We have no volunteer leaders in Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming,Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana. Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Alabama, Mississippi and New Jersey.

As the leader it will be your responsibility to get three other people to volunteer to participate in Proclamation Day.

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I have no idea of whom is active here, in WY that is, if I did I would call; just called one that I thought would help but he is in AZ and did not sound too interested anyhow!  Otherwise, I am on board...

Thank you Barbara for your post. The AmericaAgain bug, bit me a couple months ago. I am settling down a little now and praying for patience. I am so,so glad you are here, another part of the chain is in place, You.

Billy N.C

Why thank you Billy Gray!


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