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If anyone has issues make damn sure you have a Doctor determine you are cancer free. I went in for a Physical and was told I needed to be checked due to high PSA. The Surgeon in Murrieta Cal did a biopsy and said he had done these for decades and he said he was almost sure it was not cancer.

Well he was wrong and a week later I was in the hospital having a radical prostrate removal. I am 12 years down the road and cancer free.  Lots of issues for two years, but all is well today.

My father died of complications due to prostate cancer and the treatments used to "cure" it. I'm not sure which things he tried, but it was not discovered early enough for him. They said he might even have had it when he was MY age.

I am not my father, so my fate will undoubtedly be somewhat different, but I should probably get checked. I am much more like my mother genetic features-wise and turning grey, etc. I already suffer the arthritis she has in the same places she has it. It's not hard to figure out that I will likely die the same way my mother dies. Maybe even near the same time, as she is only 18 years older than I and men die much younger than women in my family. Somewhere around 72 for men and 90 for the women. That's 18 years.

Things that make you go, Hmmm.


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