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And regardless what the rest of you are saying, I agree with Sheriff Mack, and for the exact reason he mentions. If I were a woman, I would have been up front for those exact reasons mentioned by Sheriff Mack. This life is only a short test. Make the best of it. We are all going to die anyway, sooner or later, so we might as well get the biggest bang for the buck while we are here, before we graduate from this life.

Those who are willing to trade freedom for security deserve neither.

Wayne for God's sake what have you  been drinking. Any red blooded American whether male or female would gladly sacrifice their life for the liberty of the people. If Sheriff Mack had real courage he would have volunteered himself to be sacrificed rather than to offer the lives of women to gain a political advantage over the opposition.

While it is true the nation would be morally outraged if the Federal Agents opened fire on the women, but why would he reveal this strategy? He was speaking for himself not the patriot community he is supposed to represent. He gave the patriot community a black eye and portrayed his supporters in a very unfavorable light.


Now you have raised a valid issue! He should not have gone public with it, but kept it amongst those who were to be affected, and on a voluntary basis. There you go!

I think the strategy is great! It would have been great publicity if the BLM would have shot the women first, but the chances of it happening are so remote because the BLMers would have known it would be a nightmare, with all of the publicity.

I have been raised by, and around bullies. I know their mentality. I have NO RESPECT for their cowardly ways. As Cleon Skousen told us about Hitler's personality profile: "A man of low self esteem, striving to compensate for it by dominating and controlling other people." I see it in every bully, and that includes Obama.

Has anyone ever studied body language? It is obvious just from watching Obama's body language, especially when he walks, especially from those helicopters, his body just wreaks of low self esteem. It could be seen on a lot of the BLMers also. Body language is a dead giveaway. They would have been nothing without their tasers, guns, and dogs. And it definitely was guns on our side that saved the day.

I used to have a new Corvette a few years ago, and it had problems. The dealership didn't want to take care of it. I put a lemon sign on top and paraded around town, handing out consumer fraud reports to others I had met who had been screwed, and they were numerous.

I had all sorts of intimidation tactics thrown at me, including a warning on my life. "Warning. You are playing with the Big Boys, You may(?) get hurt" and we all know what "may" means. It is only a legal disclaimer to keep it from being pinned on them.They are known as the Medford Mafia, and that is exactly their mentality. They have since spread to California, throughout Oregon, and into Idaho. Like a cancer, if not eliminated, it spreads.

The remedy with bullies lies in exposing their dirty deeds to the public. All bully tactics stopped when I went public. Do it big time so they know they will get caught if they do anything. I have had guns pointed at me, and I have been shot at on other occasions, and I will continue to live through it as long as Father in Heaven wants me here. When my mission in life is over, it doesn't matter to me how I leave. I just hope it is quick and painless.

But a warning to anyone who does want to take me out: You can take me out of this life, but it won't be the end of me. I will be on the other side, waiting for you to cross over, and I WILL BEAR WITNESS AGAINST YOU TO OUR CREATOR! You have been NOTICED!   This is a disclaimer, as I'm sure we are being watched. I know I am.

If Sheriff Mack's plan had been implemented and the Federal Agents had fired on the women the strategy would have rallied the support of the American people,  but revealing his strategy that was not implemented makes no sense at all. What in the world was Sheriff Mack thinking? How does revealing his plan promote the cause of liberty?

the only reason no one was hurt (seriously) was because the citizens HAD guns

I am 63 and X Army and Air Force. I have taken the Oath two times, and I am a loyal Patriot, much to the way of thinking as Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, and he has been my hero since 2nd grade. Maybe that is why true history is not being taught anymore.

Would you rather be a slave? Not me. We don't have a choice. The time is close at hand when they are going to attack us. When? None of us know for sure, but I would rather be killed standing on my feet as to have to live by crawling on my hands and knees to beg for a little morsel. And look at it from another perspective. How much respect would you get from them if you were begging for your morsels?

Have you seen the rail cars they have built to put prisoners in? They are 3 tier and have guillotines installed on all bottom floors. They are stored on Montana and Wyoming unused rails. I have pictures of them. There are thousands of them. Have you seen or heard of the underground FEMA camps, or even the ones above ground? Have you seen pictures of the thousands of Chinese military vehicles stored on vacated landing strips and other places? I don't know about you, but I am capable of adding 1+1+1+1=4. I hope you get prepared.

The leaders of our church have been telling us for decades that we should have at least a 2 year supply put away. We are going to need it. Revelations indicates it is going to be a 13 month war, and it will take time to rebuild society after it is over. The previous war with all the smoke, etc. appears to be the one with Saddam Hussein, and it is done- in 5 months. Guess what is next? It will be a world war, primarily focused here in this country since we have property rights and gun rights, which United Nations, a communist organization, wants taken from us.

Ever notice the bowed wheat crests? They aren't Cadillac emblems. That is one of the signs of Communism, which is now commonly called Progressives to get away from the bad image of the Communism name. Ever notice those tall symbols in the government meetings on either side of the President? They are "Communism" also. I hope you decide to get prepared. It is coming, sooner than any of us want.

     There are so many things wrong with Sheriff Mack's statement, I don't even know where to begin.  I suppose his flawed logic would be a start.  The equivalent would be like having a motorcycle gang in your county that is notorious for rape, murder and pillage and having your sheriff say 'I'm going to prove that these guys are worthy of their reputation by expending a few women, including my own wife and daughter and letting these guys have their way with them'.    When people offer their services for a potential battlefield like Bunkerville, the number 1 question that they have to settle is whether they are really prepared to kill the opposition.  If they have not settled that question they should not be there.  People with this mindset are going to be resourceful and do things like come up with a SAM and shoot down the drone.  If this causes the enemy to fire back, so be it, we are there to fight.  I'm not going to let you fly a drone around our position, zero in our coordinates and annihilate us.  Obviously Sheriff  Mack was not thinking in these terms and should not have been there.


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