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Well Folks. It's not like I didn't tell you. Now all that is left is to take action. They defended Bundy on the West Coast; it's time for us to get behind this guy out here on the East Coast before it's too late.

The following video is a complete assembly/compilation of the truths that I have been trying to convey to ALL 3900 of you for over two years now. This guy puts it all together in one video presentation. He sounds like I taught him everything he knows. I couldn't be more proud of this guy if he was my own son. He tells it like it is and is pulling no punches. He knows everything I know. Listen to him.

I've been over this many times before, but history bears repeating.

The nails started being pounded into the lid of our coffin with Proclamations 2038, 2039, and 2040 and the Emergency Banking Act of March 4th, 1933. From there it only got worse.

 Do Not Say I Didn't Warn You! 

Watch This Video!

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Thanks for posting this, Mort!  

Hopefully,  you all will now understand why I have been so tenacious in attempting get you to get involved with this action taken in West Virginia.  I apologize if I came off as somewhat aggressive but you see, we are running out of time and this proper, lawful action that has been taken there in WV is the real deal pertaining to the lawful foundation we've been yearning for.

The process has been laid out for you on a silver platter and all it will take from here on out is your courage and tenacity to act and if you don't want to do such for yourself, please consider doing so for your children and grandchildren if applicable.

Our forefathers from back in the early1930's should have strung these foreign agents from lamp posts as Thomas so eloquently conveys in the above video.  

I urge each and every one of you to please join us for a conference call being held tomorrow: Monday August 17, 2015 :

9 PM Eastern: 605-562-3140 

Pin: 399791# 

BTW, The correct term is "Real Men with Hands and Legs", however, I can go with all of the above! ;-)

Hands and Legs, Arms and Feet, Arm in Arm, Hand in Hand, Mano a Mano, Noses and Toes, When you talk of Humans and Huwomans, we are nothing more than dirt bags filled with Water and Nitrogen, mostly. That makes up about 97% of what we really are. However,

I stand under your words. I will see you in W. VA. hopefully with a crap load of others quite soon.

Thanks for the information. 

Friend me plz..

Sending it forward now .

Ya Linda, ME.

MortoVan Mortolator 220 with a Custom Bainbridge motor. I have to put the Motor in though. It will be awhile before I'm quite ready. I need at least a couple weeks or so for that. After which I can travel with as many as 7 individuals including myself. We will come I can stay in my MortoVan. We will do what the "Occupy" crowd did. We will stay until they are gone. We will then immediately call for Emergency replacements for all of them under the Doctrine of Necessity.

And so it begins, EH? Molon Labe Bitches! We're a comin' for ya.

Count me in! When will this happen?

Let's see how many from NJ can make the trip ; and we were sweating Sweeney . Maybe the WV guys can help with our problem .

The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783, kinda explains why The 13th Amendment went missing (click here) the way the W.V rally on 8/24 is cancelled (click here).

Great, enforcement has to start somewhere, might as well be West Virginia ...good chance I'll be there.

Oleg,  Linda a.k.a. Fairy of Nature or myself will be notifying the members of this venue specific dates and general plans of action immediately upon the agreed upon parameters agreed to by principals of this action. 

Morton may be in the circle as well very soon and may also be announcing specifics as well.


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