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Well Folks. It's not like I didn't tell you. Now all that is left is to take action. They defended Bundy on the West Coast; it's time for us to get behind this guy out here on the East Coast before it's too late.

The following video is a complete assembly/compilation of the truths that I have been trying to convey to ALL 3900 of you for over two years now. This guy puts it all together in one video presentation. He sounds like I taught him everything he knows. I couldn't be more proud of this guy if he was my own son. He tells it like it is and is pulling no punches. He knows everything I know. Listen to him.

I've been over this many times before, but history bears repeating.

The nails started being pounded into the lid of our coffin with Proclamations 2038, 2039, and 2040 and the Emergency Banking Act of March 4th, 1933. From there it only got worse.

 Do Not Say I Didn't Warn You! 

Watch This Video!

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It means the state constitution is in effect in all states, in other words the WV constitution can be trumped by a CA constitution, at the judge's discretion.  That's how foreign laws get standing too, all it takes is one idiot, foreigner or domestic enemy to clone a foreign law in any state and it can become a law of the land.

True, it just means "The WV folks DON'T have a unique constitutional ace up their sleeve" (to paraphrase Mike's comment).

The US Constitution takes precedence, it makes every state constitution interchangeable with another state constitution. Seems that the only way for Thomas to succeed "legally" in WV is after WV secedes.

You're right Linda, but that doesn't change the fact that you have to use their Constitutions to initiate the processes by which you prove your point to an extended, dumbed-down audience.

In other words, we are so far "down the Rabbit Hole" and deep into the "Looking Glass" that Alice herself can't see the way out. We have ourselves an uphill climb at best.

Don't think eliminating all of what people think is "the law" and trying to fix the whole thing is going to be as simple as W.Va. succeeding or secession. Neither is the case, and the constitutions do matter, but a win in W. Va. is a good start.

Other states will go their own way and in their own time. And their constitutions will matter. To them.

Alice had a Fairy that got her out of the rabid hole.  The People of 1787 accepted a secretly ratified federal constitution and only a few like Jefferson tried to prevent going deeper into IT.  Theirs and their FUTURE state sovereignty was snatched right from under their noses, the people didn't listen to "The Fairy" even a short ten years after the revolution.  Now the people are so deep into the halls of gov't only a fairy with loads of money may help (Trump) get us back to the rim of the damned hole without bloodshed, and that's a huge "may" I'd suggest Thomas create or join a Committee of Safety and be ready to take our country back the old fashioned way.

Once gov't is allowed to be messed with by elites and/or libshits, better act quickly or eventually our children will have no way of getting out of that sewer.

Like I said before, WV is as good a place to start as any.
I think we are making a huge assumption and being misinformed by intentions. WV has a unique State Constitution. The other States are NOT required to follow the WV Constitution, or why would we need fifty different ones?

The next State that wishes to follow their lead, will not have the luxury of this protection. They will only have the EXAMPLE that was successful in getting rid of a criminal empire because the People wanted them gone!

The next point to be made is that this one little sentence shines a light on the fact that numerous unknown, Acts, Treaties, Executive Orders have been usurping the powers reserved for the States and The People. It is a real life example of how lawyers have conquered a once free country. This will tick-off the masses and allow them to get it throught their skulls that all of us have been duped. When that happens, forget that the other states don't have this protection, the People will now see the light.

Lastly, the remaining states can use the WV example as setting a "legal" precedent. That's it! It worked for them and We want the same! At this point the People will disreguard the War Powers Act and Martial Law and take custody of Their State government, because it's the right thing to do.

Let's get this straight, right up front. NOBODY is overthrowing any government. Only removing the criminals within it. We have two governments right now. The Corporate one we interact with today, and the one shoved into the corner and has been secretly hidden away from Our view. It's time to dust it off and start that one up once again. The People's lawful government has ALWAYS been there. We just neglected it.
The first part of your oops is correct, but the second part was not neglected. It was hijacked, overthrown, usurped by the collection of bankers, lawyers, industrialists, and those miscreants that thrive on power and authority over others. Some is homegrown, some is international. Either way, they are acting in a treasonous manner. What is the punishment for treason?

The punishment for treason in true law is whatever the 12 jurors of a jural society under civil authority decides without the unlawful assistance/interference of a judge, prosecutor, district attorney, or the initiation via indictment/presentment of a non natural law Grand Jury.

I was going to post comments on some of the recent comments of those stuck on a document (constitution) which the majority are not even a party to according to true contract law but my typing fingers are getting hoarse. ;-)  

Wow! Linda's comments just allowed me to see things a little different. Her perception is totally different than what we have been discussing. While "ya all", myself included, are discussing and debating words on pieces of paper, Linda is stepping back a few feet and is trying to warn us of what is likely to happen in the physical world. She gets the big picture!

So OK, we are all very intellectual and can prove and disprove all these legal terms. So what! Why are these evil creatures doing this, and what is THEIR end game?

We all mostly have a grasp of legalities. But more important, we ALL have a much clearer appreciation of the difference between right and wrong. We don't need a college degree in law or ethics. Any child knows right from wrong. Any animal has the fight or flight defense mechanism in their DNA. No courtroom nor words on paper make those concepts reality.

Let's cut to the chase. Is your LIFE and well being in danger? Fight or flight? What are you willing to do about it?

If you choose fight, you will act to remove the threat that is attacking you.

If you choose flight, you will non-aggressively prevent the attacker from touching you. That's not entirely a bad response for some. May I suggest that you remove yourself from their grasp by listening to what is explained on the video. Expatriate from the attacker, then immediately repatriate to a safer location. That location is under the protection afforded by the original Constitutional Republic. Protection from a potential tyrannical government.

If everyone expatriates, there are no slaves to rule and abuse. Game over. No violence. Not a shot fired. The evil corporation could even stay intact, on paper. Problem is that they have no employees nor customers. No cashflow. Lots of executives with nothing to do. The corporation self destructs!

A corporation is a fiction, words on a piece of paper. THAT paper is the weapon being used to harm all of us. Oh my, I'm so scared! Of what, a paper cut? Use the same weapon to fight them. Paperwork! It's THAT simple. Remove yourself from their corporate rules that they made up on THEIR paper.

There are laws all around the globe that we are violating every day. Germany, France, China, Russia.... We break their laws every day, don't we? Why aren't we being locked up? They have no "jurisdiction"on us. Their paperwork has no effect on what we can do. Why? Because it's all just paperwork. Written words we all agreed, or maybe not, to abide by in an intellectual society.

Well, I don't like this game. I didn't make up the rules, and those that have, have rigged the game in their favor. I call foul. I'm picking up my chips and am going home! Game over!

"Ya all can keep playin ifn ya wish, but I gots better things ta do"!

Does everyone get it now?

Gov’t is what unites (or divides) us, it’s there by default, We can change it but we cannot be without it (a new one would be created to fill the vacuum without doubt, and that just might be perfect timing for isis).  The "contract" was signed by the country founders, We The People's representatives of that time, for themselves, legal immigrants and the sum of their children (that's US).  If Thomas wants to be an Injun, he may wind up in a reservation, except this time it won’t be the british that are coming.

The US Constitution paves the road to dictatorship through national elections of a “president”, it takes away state and individual sovereignty through dilution, it empowers esquires to legislate from the bench and totally run the gov’t …the federal constitution hijacked and reversed the Confederate gov’t from We The People by at least three MAJOR contradictions to The Articles of Confederation …it was crafted by esquires in secrecy, thus it has usurped The Articles of Confederation (the lawful or de-jure Union of States) by deception.

Be nice now little fairy, your stinky dust is showing the post again, it's about gov't.

You don't know how right you are Mike,

I just filed a Notice to Estoppel an action by the "Code Enforcement" Division of our fine City Hall (Incorporated since 1799), and they derive their "authority" from; get this, the "International Property Maintenance Codes". Can you believe they try to foist this code crap upon the average Joe and no one calls them on it? So there you have direct evidence that they are operating "Ultra Vires" (outside their authority).

That places them in Default when they do not respond to your constitutional challenge to that authority, and mark my words, they will not reply, I guarantee it. They WILL Default. Because as soon as you send them this kind of Court of Record, Legal challenge and Accusation of Federal Crimes, they get nervous, because they have likely NEVER seen anything like it before and don't know what to do about it. And neither do their lawyers.

So they go running as fast as they can away from you and your "Court of Record" and hope you forget about all about the matter. That's why a follow up Notice of Default will going out next. You see Thomas House of Deegan is not the only dog in this fight. There are many of us making many simultaneous waves throughout the states and Counties. The fight starts where it starts, but ALWAYS ends up with "them" in default of their Oaths. We must not discount the idea that every battle is key to winning this "War Powers Act" war. War "THEY" declared, (read the War Powers Act) and now "We The People" must defend against.

We are not bound "By Law" to abide by these "International" rules. In fact if you Google it, you will find that they even admit that these codes cannot be made to apply force by turning them in to law. Instead, they talk about ways to "Influence and Encourage" the "Voluntary Adoption" of these "rules" by the local AHJ's. (Authorities Having Jurisdiction). You notice they use the word "jurisdiction"? This is not by accident.

In truth, they have no such "jurisdiction". They will continue to operate as if they do however, as long as we let them. That's why you must find them in Default and send them a Notice that says so. This creates the Prime Facie evidence trail necessary to arrive at the stone wall known as the "Doctrine of Necessity".

That's where Thomas has arrived having already created the pathway by his "Court of Record". That being the paperwork showing law process and ample time to respond. This puts them in default, which SHOULD render them guilty of crimes and put them in the status of "Foreign Invader" to be hauled off to jail IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner.


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