It is a well know fact that power corrupts and whenever power is centralized it attracts men and women of low character and turns decent human beings into servants of the financial elite.

By concentrating all of the legislative power in the hands of just 435 individuals, we create an opportunity for a few people to wield an incredible amount of power. If the same amount of power were to be share by twice as many people, their power would be cut in half.

If the size of Congressional Districts were reduced and the number of representatives increased as mandated in the proposed 28th Amendment the political power would be distributed to over 6,000 representatives of the people rather than 435 individuals who represent the banks and Wall Street corporations.

Every year we pay thousands and thousands of dollars in income taxes that are used to pay for bombs that kill thousands of innocent men, women and children in foreign lands. The taxes last year also helped to fund over one million abortions!

If we all voluntarily donated a portion of what we pay in taxes to Community Food Banks we could help to feed virtually all of the hungry people in our country instead of helping to fund the dropping of bombs on innocent men, women and children. It is our responsibility to obey just laws, but it is our duty to refuse to comply with laws that are unjust. When we obey an unjust law, we voluntarily give our consent to tyranny.

Click on the image of Henry David Thoreau to listen to his words.

The Congress shall have Power To ...make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

This does not mean that Congress can do anything they want. They have the power to pass laws directly related to the 17 duties that have been enumerated in the Constitution.

If Congress believes a certain action is necessary and proper that is not enumerated in the Constitution, our representatives must get the approval of the states before taking action.

If changes in the Constitution are necessary and proper, Congress must submit an amendment to the states for their approval. If three fourths of the states agree, the ratified amendment authorizes Congress to do what would have otherwise been previously unwritten.

It is up to the people to determine what is necessary and proper, not the 435 members of Congress.

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