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Help Educate America
Click on the following link to help educate America.
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Keith Broaders
1230 N Street #510
Sacramento, California 95814
Phone (916) 399-4881

REMEDY: jural assemblies for Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Montana

Only 7 nations that need to bring their Republic forth until the continental congress  can fully convene and we all become self-governing.  We can't fix the corporate system.  We can only create another option.  Learn how.

Thurs. 3/14/19

Conference Call Number -  712-451-0141  pin 479084# - 9 p.m. Eastern

You Never Change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. R. Buckminster Fuller.

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Did you know that police have no duty to protect people?  Fortunately, there is remedy to hold wrongdoers liable by filing claims with risk management....3+ claims against their bonds and they lose their jobs! it's all commerce, administrative.....use their laws against them.  This goes for everything: taxes, foreclosures, traffic, etc.  Get educated.  STOP being a something about it! Pass it on to everyone who has been harmed or WILL be harmed.  Get involved.
It would behoove everyone to listen to this video, starting at about 5 mins. in:   Holding Public Servants Accountable - And Collecting!

The British are here!  The British have been here!  And they are bringing in massive numbers of illegal immigrants to destroy America.

It is imperative that the REPUBLIC for the last remaining states be brought forward….NOW.  Roll up your sleeves and call patriots you know in these states to let them know that we must do everything possible to save this great country.


Thurs. Conference Call Number -  712-451-0141  pin 479084# - 9 p.m. Eastern


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