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Reply by Ruth Hammons on August 16, 2018 at 1:45am

Until the patriots of this nation are willing to do whatever is necessary to take back America for freedom, faith, liberty and the Constitution, it will continue to get worse and worse. 

The Left, the Democrats want capitalism to go and be replaced with their totalitarian Marxist way, which has never worked.  What on earth are they thinking to want to take what was founded in faith, freedom and liberty and trashing it with everyone under One Government?  It is totally opposite to all that we stand for. 

The education of our children is vital as they don't know who we are or why America is unusual in the world.  That said, we all know who Christians are; that the story is told clearly in the Bible; that there will be One World Government whether we want it or not.

We will be fighting for the right to be faithful people of the Bible or just free people period!  So one way or another until the end, we are going to be fighting so we may as well get organized and do it right!

There has to be a leader, rules and something for all to follow.  It is not going to be easy, but nothing worthwhile is....and we are going to have to be sure, strong and stand in faith.  We are going to have to choose sides because many in America are traitors and we have to know who they are! 

Our very livelihood, freedom and lives depend on it now. We are the resistance to leftism, socialism and communism and One World Order.....and remember they have the bigger guns, while we have a greater number of them, they want to take those from us badly!   

It is clear the path they have decided and it is strange to think we have to start the fight with our own here in the US, (Civil War 2)- as enemies-as well as so many around the world too!  It is exhausting to think of, but then most of history has been hasn't it? 

Deep down there is a patriot in most of us and we will, when pushed hard enough, stand up and give them what for.....and then some!

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I’ve been screaming this for years, great post Ruth... Thank You.

Yes, everyone soon will be forced to choose a side especially since Trump is a Pussy and he’s lost his balls early on.

Trump is just a Blip on their radar and they know it... just buying time until he leaves office, then the real punishing begins.

Most of the Sheeple we’re surrounded by are Fucking Stupid and clueless about all the above... just useless eaters taking up space really until the fighting starts, then you’ll know what you’ve got on many sides.


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