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Over Taxed and Over Regulated

Today the state and federal governments which were created to protect our lives, liberty and property have enslaved us with debt and have become the servants of the international bankers and Wall Street corporations.

We are being over taxed and over regulated because the system created by our Constitution has been abandoned. Becasue of our ignorance and apathy, we have allowed the Constitution for the united States to be interpreted by a gang of thieves.

When the people are not well educated and adequately represented it is easy for corrupt  individuals to seize control of the reins of power. We have been betrayed by those we have elected to serve us. They have refused to honor their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and we have failed to hold them accountable. This is the reason we formed this country in the first place. This has happened before.

Rather than submitting to King George and a tyrannical British Parliament, our ancestors declared their independence and took up arms to defend their lives, liberty and property. They knew that they could not possibly defeat the strongest military power on earth without divine intervention and an armed citizenry. So, armed with courage, faith and muskets, a minority of the colonists risked everything they had to win their independence from an oppressive government.

Just like our forefathers, we have become the victims of a tyrannical ruling class that is exploiting us for their own benefit. Those whom we have elected to serve us have become our masters instead of public servants. They masquerade as our representatives while they collectively pick our pockets. They don't even live by the same rules they set for us.

Once again we must choose to submit or resist the oppression. The Constitition was written to restrain the government and it has failed to do that, thanks to the collective apathy and negligence of the people. The Constitution cannot protect us if we re refuse to defend it. The Constitution is only as strong as the people's desire to hold our elected officials accountable to it. 

When the people are not adequately represented, the political power (vested in very few hands), allows them the opportunity to exploit the people at large. When any government becomes tyrannical, it is the right and the duty of the people to alter or abolish it. 

Frankly, we don't need to alter or abolish our government, but we need to demand that our elected officials faithfully obey the provisions found in the Constitution for the united States. We cannot expect elected officials to do their job if we fail to do ours, (oversight).

In order to defend the Constitution it is our responsibility to become informed of what is and is not Constitutional. To rebuild our nation we must first restore a republican form of government in each of our states.

To accomplish this we should consider the creation of New California as our 51st state. IMHO, this is the first step in the process of restoring our Constitutional Republic.

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