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Thou Dost Protest Too Much!

"Me thinkst"

This has gone on long enough! It's time we called a spade a spade. I am tired of the same old story out of the "fake news", the "establishment" R's AND D's like Mitch Mac and Harry Reid, the tricks, the smoke and mirrors and the COMPLETE dog and pony show from the National Biased Corporation and others.

In short I am tired of the same old Saul Alinski "Rules for Radicals".

Why do I bring this up? Because I am about fed up with this crap out of our current government and I'm sure I know the root of the problem. They keep threatening the shut down of the federal government like it's a "National Emergency". However, instead of that view, I offer the following;

Definition of Emergency

Anyone alive today in Congress, calling themselves a "Representative", should be refusing to move forward with ANYTHING until his or her District is in complete compliance with Article I, Section 2, Clause 3, Sentence 3, wherein;

"The number of Representatives shall not EXCEED one for every thirty thousand,.."

They should NEVER assume that they could or should try, to actually represent THAT many people. Congress should call for an immediate emergency election. There should be NO question that this is the very definition of  "Emergency". There could not, nor should not, be ANY other issue decided upon until THIS EMERGENCY is discontinued and proper representation restored in Congress. Let NO OTHER ISSUE come before this one.

For this reason, every action by our current "Administration" in Congress assembled, is Null and Void, Ab Initio, Ad Infinitum.  Why, you ask? Simple.


There are currently assembled in Congress, assuming ALL of them are seated, only enough "Representatives" to account for a United States population of approximately 13 million people. That's the population of the United States in 1832. This is against the LAW! That's right, the LAW. There should be about 10,200 Representatives in Congress instead of being unlawfully frozen, by Act at 435.

Every one of our "law" makers is in violation of the law. The Constitution, Article VI, Section 2. THAT law! The one above that DEMANDS IN WRITING, that a proper ratio of fairness to the people's voice "SHALL NOT EXCEED" 1/30,000. This means our current "Congressional government" is making decisions without a proper quorum, PERIOD! That is a HUGE violation, not just a little one. If they were to follow the law, they would have to seat no fewer than 12 Representatives for every 710,000 people to achieve a quorum, instead of the current ONE!

How you say? Because every thirty thousand people deserve to have their very own guy who lives in their town, who has an office they can walk or perhaps perambulate to, who knows them personally for the most part and knows what most of them really think and desire from him. The constituency being represented deserve to have their LOCAL concerns addressed, as well as other concerns by that guy. They need to know that the district lines are not politically manipulable, (Gerrymandering).

They should be able to afford the cost of this guy and his staff and travel, which will be easy considering he will not be required to go to D.C. This guy should be able to work right there in town almost all year. He should MAYBE have to go once or twice a year, to an indoor coliseum somewhere, for their bi-annual meeting to pass laws and settle disputes, etc. This could easily be accomplished with or many other modern electronic communication tools, readily available to ALL.

You see what I mean when I explain in detail exactly WHY this GUY we elect, should NEVER claim to or be expected to "represent" any more than "thirty thousand" people? It isn't feasible, nor is it fair to anyone involved to put that much power, (710,000 voices), in the hands of one guy. That's why they wrote Article 1,2,3,3.

So right now, where there sits only ONE "Representative", there NEEDS to be 23.66 or about 24 "Representatives". So my opinion? They are trying to cut us out of the process. So I say;







Comments? Questions?

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As long as the investigations on this Dossier thing continues, no problem for me.   Just yesterday Congressmen  let us know what was mentioned in the memo, they said it would shock the conscience of the American people, and they are trying to get this memo released and made available to the American Public.   The dems want the government shut down as they need time to figure out how to get out of this latest revelation of the memo which exposes a lot of people in the government.   I would not doubt that many of the dems are included on this.   

Is the dossier for real, or just another 'do-si-do?' 

First of all, we have never had a real constitution as the first one was just a usurpation/coup d'etat of the original Articles of Confederation by the first Loyal Royalist George(ie ) W.! So, where I come from, if any part of the story is fake/a lie/deception/falsehood/or manufactured script, then the W H O L E story is an E P I C prevarication. Example: A couple marry .. only thing - -  man is already married so all children born of this fake/deceptive marriage are illegitimate.  No surname!  When George(ie) W. (the 1st one) usurped the Confederation he made all of us that followed illegitimate/without statehood or Nationality.

We were trafficked to the fake united states.

The following videos explain the real back-story.

THEN .. there's this .......

It's not the black story I'm trying to highlight here. It's not ANY story or piece of paper or deal or subordination by decree or agreement, or treaty, or bill of sale from some dead monarch. It's not about ANY of that. In fact, it's the opposite. WE DON"T NEED ANY OF IT!

 We are, first and foremost, free. Free when we're born. This Constitutional Article, (1,2,3,3), was set up to make sure that freedom had an adequate voice in Congress. We don't. That IS the problem; not some dark secret or conspiracy about how we got here. OK?

So true, and I don't care about a fake congress/a fake constitution etc either because it is an Epic Lie.  So we are free to determine what it is we ARE.  However, saying that, we know the masses still believe in the Epic LIE, and 'gurus' perpetrate/push it on all others. To all those teaching the constitution you are pushing the Epic Lie. We are on different pages in different libraries, in different counties, in different states so it's not working for us, and we are unable to get 'together' en mass to do whatever it is we need to do.  I, for one, have unplugged from their 'Epic Lie'.

That is my advice. Just say no. No more of any of it. From now on we do it MY way. That's how I look at this whole mess.

Not so easy to just say no.  Even though we are not part of their PMA (private membership association) we need to verbally/physically detach from their web/Epic Lie.  Like anything else you need to post a public announcement.  I like the idea of becoming a State National (with a state passport taking authority & claiming Immunity) since the only thing I can prove about myself is that I was born in the (L)One Star State..


It doesn't matter how many citizens each Representative relates to.  The crux is that a "republic" is not a democracy.  We can have a stable, good government by republican principles and the rule of law, but not so by democracy.  In a democracy everyone gets one vote.  We get chaos, because outcomes and laws will change after every round of public opinion manipulation.  All issues are to be decided by the government, and the only thing I should decide is whom I will send to the seat of government.  He--my representative--goes forth to do his job.  He is not duty-bound to even attempt to vote like I want him to vote.  He is to vote as he, himself, sees fit, for the good of the nation and in accordance with Constitutional constraints.  He is not to be like me, think like I think, or vote like I would vote.  He simply is the best man we (those constituents who choose to vote) think we can find and send to do a job.  Good, happy deal.  We then can sit back and smile.  We did our part by sending someone.  He will take action as needed in his own eyes; however, if he "joins" a political party and I get the opinion that 90-plus percent of his thinking and actions are focused on garnering power for that "party" then all bets are off, and the Constitution has been subverted, because he can no longer be seen as working for the good of the people.  It is not about how many folks he represents.  It is about whether he will vote according to his knowledge and beliefs or whether he will vote according to party "intrigue."  Which way would you like for him to focus his attention?

No, that is only what you have in place now. That is NOT the way it's supposed to be. The reason is because it DOES matter how many souls, (not citizens) one represents.

When the Rep has only 30,000 constituents he CAN address individual concerns. His vote WILL more accurately reflect the will of his constituency. When that Rep becomes accountable to only 30,000, he is much more likely to do his work at home, not in D.C.

In addition to the differences in a Representative's job performance, brought about by district size, the current machine in Congress is "Pay-to-Play". To get a bill to committee, one must raise at least $100,000 for THE PARTY! To head that committee and get your "bill" out of committee and on to floor for a vote, is going to run you another cool half million dollars or so FOR THE PARTY.

So this is why it very much DOES matter how many constituents per district there are. Besides, the Constitution, Law of the Land, (Art. IV, Sec. 2), said so in art. 1,2,3,3.

I reiterate. ITS NOT OUR GOVERNMENT. Does anyone think it makes sense to head over to France and try to vote? Maybe, like the Democrats here, they are looking for a bunch of freeloading immigrants to add to their stock of voters to embellish the appearance of legitimacy. 

Someone please explain to me why we should go down to the courthouse and register our straw men to vote for a government that is not ours, is not a de-jure government at all, is nothing more than a privately held corporation posing as government, robs us at every turn, holds us in contempt for our ignorance for falling for their bull shit, is not accountable no matter how much representation we think we have, and when we do vote, the votes count for nothing.

They only allow those to hold public office who have been pre-determined to have sold their souls to the Vatican/bankster cabal for the public recognition and the largess that follows. If you look at it realistically having more representatives who don't give a crap about your struggles doesn't feed the bull dog. We can't even keep up with all the BS of 1 per million representation, so can you imagine the drone of thousands of Reps. blaring and farting out crap that no one can understand let alone appreciate.


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