We in America operate in a Constitutional Representative Republic in stark contrast to anything ever tried before in the history of mankind; when our Representatives are no longer there to Represent they should be fired, just like the rest of us would be.

We didn’t "dedicate our lives, our fortunes and our mutual prosperity" as a nation in the fight for freedom, just to relinquish that freedom to one group or another; and freedom isn’t safe, it isn’t secure, and it most certainly isn’t free.

There is a cost and a risk involved in freedom. Anybody who offers to protect you from that stark REALITY is selling something. They are nothing more than high priced middlemen who will lie, cheat and steal and try anything to keep their power structure in place. Always be on the watch for ANYONE who calls this country a Democracy and always be ready for them to go viral if you start winning the fight. Also look for the rest of the vermin to come crawling out of the woodwork to support them.

The Founders are rolling over in their graves.

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If we had representation in the manner that the Founders had put into the constitution, our "representatives" would be our neighbors and possibly even our friends. When the system went to a permanent apportionment situation, we lost our representation. When we started with elected and not appointed Senators, we lost our representation. The system cannot be fixed as it stands. Only splitting up the land mass into several new parcels with new constitutions for each parcel and electing actual representatives would the country be free once again. The people that we have elected have found that they are now the political elite and not common citizens that represent other common citizens.

I do not advocate for armed insurrection; we need some skilled negotiators to take up the mantel of sensibility to show how we are failing to serve the people. It will never happen, but I can always hope and pray that common sense will outlive the greed and avarice that has gripped Mordor on the Potomac and allow us to be free once again.


   "The Cost of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance", Thomas Jefferson.

Well said, Morton.  I greatly appreciate your insights and clarity.  I often ask people what words follow these….life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The next sentence is perhaps the most important in the entire Declaration.

"That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the People."

Governments do not exist to protect us.  When they do, they will always end up limiting our rights.  That the majority of Americans believe a traffic stop by police is justified, shows that We The People have bought the lie.  Police can only arrest for a crime and to exercise warrants for arrest.  They are not allowed to stop us otherwise, UNLESS we consent.

Well said Kirk,

A little difference though. I believe we indeed have hired our government to protect us. From INVADERS! In doing so they do indeed restrict certain bits of freedom of travel, especially if they KNOW you mean to do harm. Other freedoms are chipped away at as well, but our government was instituted to protect our nation's borders and the sovereignty of this land mass called the united states of America.

Instead they want to institute SOCIALISM. Ostensibly to protect the less fortunate and needy among us. They are now too busy being busy to actually do their job. Protect our sovereignty and natural rights.

We should simply fire them all. No need to rebuild the entire nation's Republics. I am not going to let 535 people in the District of Columbia run my country in to the ground, then tell me I have to knock it down and start completely over if I don't like the way things are done.

http://www.teaparty.org/armed-patriots-private-citizens-secure-u-s-...  Morton, I have come pretty much to the conclusion that there is very little which we need our government to do for us.  Whatever they try, they eventually pervert.  We have seen what Threat Management Center has accomplished for security in the inner city of Detroit.  Our justice system is full of corruption and we now see private courts springing up.  I am serious.  Government that governs least, governs best.  

Which "democracy" do you mean? People voting for representatives or the political system?


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