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Invasion of the NAME Snatchers

All this discussion about our identity has got me to thinking about my name and identifying myself.

So I asked myself what would be MY response if say I'm walking down the street with a gun in a holster on my hip or a huge knife or something such as this, with absolutely NO evil intent of ANY kind, and an "enforcer of right and wrong" (officer of the law), wanted to interact with me.

Officer - "What's your name?"

Me - "I am Caucasoid Human of the Cro-Magnon era. I am sentient and aware, sane and fully capable of making competent and safe decisions for myself and am responsible for ALL of my actions." If you like some questions could be levied at this officer.

  • "Have I injured someone?"
  • "Will the injured party be showing up here today to verify this?
  • "Will I be given a chance to make amends if I have?"
  • "Am I breaking a Law?"
  • "Am I under arrest?"
  • "Would you like to talk further?
  • I am leaving now.

Refuse to acknowledge ANY assumed authority and always say you do not understand them if they make claims or assertions of any kind against you, like your ARE an alien or a robot who doesn't get it. You make them explain THEIR actions. If they say you're breaking a law, then ask them the same set of questions again. Make THEM prove they have a right to stop you from moving or walking away. Do not answer ANY of their questions with anything except another question.

Then do the same thing to your school board, your bank, your "employer", the tax man and all of the other federal and state agencies that are constantly telling you what to do.

And instead of wondering what to call yourself, Use My answer. I like it.

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Do not be surprised if the officer treats you like a smart ass and applies a little corporal punishment. THEN when  you twitch and pull away from the pain he beats the shit out of you even though your motions only indicate self defense.

Better yet since you do not HAVE to answer the police officer just say nothing at all. One sided conversations do not go  anywhere. If you find yourself in front of the judge just ask, "What have I done wrong?"

It is not against the law to refuse to say anything.


Here's ONE GOOD REASON to get rid of the BAR!

And HERE is a host of OTHER REASONS!

Riots are sponsored by the Soros organizations - here is one less thing they can point out?

Trump wins big big and even the popular vote.

Yes by Soros and Putin had the balls to put out a dead or alive warrant on him. Our president's balls hang on his husband.

Here's one I found that kinda tells the truth.

You can see that most of this map is red, and in MY state, Pennsylvania, you can see that ONLY Philly and good old Pgh. voted for Hitlary.

Yep and what blows my mind is I am from the area around Pittsburgh and I do not know any democrats. . . .

It's hard to believe they outnumber Republicans 3-1, eh?

I didn't know you were from around here. Where exactly?

Born in Harrisburg raised in Rochester (Beaver valley) married a girl from  Conway.


The attitude is starting to make sense now. You've gotta be a Steeler Fan. Where the heck are you now?

I support my wife she supports the Steelers. But I do not follow celebrities or sports. When I was younger I did, but then Forbes Field was still standing. . . 
I am now living in Goose Creek South Carolina. I retired here because the base closed and I could not sell.  Upside down. Now the only way I will leave is if I can find land at a reasonable price that will allow me to become self sufficient.

You know there are a lot of gem mines down there.


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