Invasion of the NAME Snatchers

All this discussion about our identity has got me to thinking about my name and identifying myself.

So I asked myself what would be MY response if say I'm walking down the street with a gun in a holster on my hip or a huge knife or something such as this, with absolutely NO evil intent of ANY kind, and an "enforcer of right and wrong" (officer of the law), wanted to interact with me.

Officer - "What's your name?"

Me - "I am Caucasoid Human of the Cro-Magnon era. I am sentient and aware, sane and fully capable of making competent and safe decisions for myself and am responsible for ALL of my actions." If you like some questions could be levied at this officer.

  • "Have I injured someone?"
  • "Will the injured party be showing up here today to verify this?
  • "Will I be given a chance to make amends if I have?"
  • "Am I breaking a Law?"
  • "Am I under arrest?"
  • "Would you like to talk further?
  • I am leaving now.

Refuse to acknowledge ANY assumed authority and always say you do not understand them if they make claims or assertions of any kind against you, like your ARE an alien or a robot who doesn't get it. You make them explain THEIR actions. If they say you're breaking a law, then ask them the same set of questions again. Make THEM prove they have a right to stop you from moving or walking away. Do not answer ANY of their questions with anything except another question.

Then do the same thing to your school board, your bank, your "employer", the tax man and all of the other federal and state agencies that are constantly telling you what to do.

And instead of wondering what to call yourself, Use My answer. I like it.

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Here's ONE GOOD REASON to get rid of the BAR!

And HERE is a host of OTHER REASONS!

Riots are sponsored by the Soros organizations - here is one less thing they can point out?

Trump wins big big and even the popular vote.

Here's one I found that kinda tells the truth.

You can see that most of this map is red, and in MY state, Pennsylvania, you can see that ONLY Philly and good old Pgh. voted for Hitlary.

It's hard to believe they outnumber Republicans 3-1, eh?

I didn't know you were from around here. Where exactly?


The attitude is starting to make sense now. You've gotta be a Steeler Fan. Where the heck are you now?

You know there are a lot of gem mines down there.

Can you believe this? Hows about suing China and India for bad air?

Three guesses and the first two don’t count

My Drivers license expired in 1995 so I decided that, since I had not 'driven' a 'motor vehicle' since 1958 when I 'drove' a dairy company's truck delivering goods, I saw no sense in contracting with the State for the privilege of 'driving'. Study of federal definitions exposed that 'driving' was a commercial activity also referred to as trafficking in commerce---carrying goods or passengers for hire.

In 1997 I was stopped for a minor 'traffic' infraction and was arrested because I wasn't playing their game of a.. kissing some clown with a badge and a gun. He called for back-up and I heard the cop ask if I was drunk. The cop who stopped me responded that 'he must be on something because he's not co-operating'.

I was taken in and questioned for 3 hours. Just like the road-side stop [trial] I responded to every question with a question, many times repeating the same question. The head asks--the tail responds. When you answer one of their questions you give them jurisdiction.

I was stopped and arrested 2 more times during the next 6 weeks. I noticed that the last 2 times the ticket said "driving under suspension". How could this possibly be? I didn't have a license to suspend.

A quick trip to the So. Car. DMV solved the problem. I paid the $10 for a cert. copy of my driving record. Seven days after I was arrested the first time and 3 days before I was to 'appear' [that's another term I love] the State issued my straw man a drivers license and then suspended it.

I can't argue with that. Its their straw man and they can do whatever they want with it. We only have usufruct of that entity. In actuality, I see their straw man as a blessing because without it we would have a real hard time obtaining the essentials of life in their system. The key is setting up the right relationship with that entity.

  All their so-called laws [statutes, codes, regs., etc.] rightfully apply to their straw man, legal fiction, person. How many times have you seen any so-called law claim that it applied to 'people'. The problem for most is that, even if they are aware of the straw man and its role in everyone's life, they are unaware that they have been presumed to be the surety for that entity, that is unless that presumption is rebutted. 

My preference upon being stopped would be:

"Am I under arrest?"


"Am I free to go?"


"Then I'm under arrest. What was your probable cause for stopping me?"

"I need your name and I need to see you drivers license, registration and proof of insurance."

"Since I am under arrest can anything I say or any documents I produce be used against me in court?"


"Then, under my federally protected 5th Amendment right against self incrimination I refuse to give you anything that might incriminate me without my attorney present. I'm going to suggest that you have a supervisor attend this roadside hearing before we go any further."

"I need to see your ID."

"Why? Are you conducting an investigation of a crime? If you are please articulate your probable cause for stopping me."

"I stopped you for speeding."

"Is that a crime or did you just want appraise me that it might be unsafe for me to proceed at that speed? If that is the case, thank you. Now may I leave?"

"I need your name and I need to see some ID."

"I noticed that you are carrying a gun, Officer. Is that gun loaded?"

"Yes it is."

"As you can see, I am not armed and therefore we are not on equal ground, so now that we both understand our positions, are you ordering me to give you my name and produce documents?"


"Now that I am under threat, duress and coercion I will do whatever you demand as I am now in fear of my life."

"What is your name?"

"You can call me Dan. I don't know anything about a name [a name is that which an owner gives his property] but everyone calls me Dan."

"OK, Dan, what is your last name?"

"Most just call me Dan but sometimes someone calls me Daniel or Daniel Allan."

"Is Allan your last name?"

"It's what people call me."

"Where do you live?"

"Come on man, here, in front of you. I live where ever I am."

"What's your address, Dan?"

"You can address me as Dan or Daniel."

"What is the address of the house you go home to? Where is this house?"

"Its up a dirt road on a hill."

As you can see this can continue ad-infinitum and they can never say you lied.

Love the script, but I got an even better response for the one from the cop;

"I need your name and I need to see you drivers license, registration and proof of insurance."

My reply would be 

"Well I need air, food and water and would really like to be about the busy-ness of finding them, so again I ask, am I under arrest, or am I free to go?"

This would go on ad-infinitum until he admits he is "forcibly detaining", (arresting?) me.

At THAT point we would jump straight to the lawyer part and zero cooperation from me.


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