The mission to ratify the 28th amendment does not favor the democratic or republican parities , it favors all of the American people.

The House of Representatives was created to be the people's house. It was the original intent of the authors of the Constitution to create a government that would protect the lives, liberty and property of the people.

They knew that in order prevent the abuse of power by our servants we must hold supervise them and hold them accountable.

The framers  of the Constitution established the House of Representatives to be the voice of the people. Today our voices are not being heard and the men and women we have elected to serve us are now representing the Wall Street Bankers and corporations.

Our servants have a responsibility to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and we have a responsibility to hold them accountable. We must do our job before we can expect them to do their job,

Due to our negligence the House of Representatives has become a den of thieves. The 435 servants in Washington D.C. are surrounded by tens of thousands of lobbyist in a giant fishbowl.  .

By reducing the size of the Congressional Districts as mandated in the originally proposed Amendment to 50,000 we will add over 6,000 new Congressional Districts.

The members of Congress elected in 2016 spent an average of $1,600,000 to get elect with money that was donated to them by Wall Street Bankers and Corporations. With smaller districts people like you and I could afford to run for Congress.

After the ratification of the 28th Amendment the 6,000 new representatives would be able to vote on the "Bring Congress Home Act" which would send the representatives back to their home districts where they will be surrounded by the people rather than lobbyists representing the Bankers and Wall Street corporations.

The mission to ratify the originally proposed First Amendment will allow us to reclaim control of the House of Representatives. The ratification of the 28th amendment is a non-partisan issue; that will not benefit  political parties or special interest groups. 

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