The Constitution Club is not a group or an organization, it is a place for people to go to look for answers to the problems we face in America today. If you want to discover who, how and why the American Dream has become a Nightmare, you have come to the right place.  Unlike most other Patriot websites, we focus on the solutions rather than the problems.

The goal of this website is provide you with the evidence you will need to draw your own conclusions and assemble your own county for direct action. Unlike the government schools and media who seek to indoctrinate, we simply want you to share the information you will discover here. Information which has been hidden from you for far too long. There is no Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus and there is no proper government assembly operating in your country OR county.

The American people have been exploited by a gigantic crime syndicate consisting of rich and powerful families whose intent is to rule the world through monetary control of the dollar and political manipulation of your Congressman. The Constitution Club website will provide you with evidence that this is true and once you are convinced, it is your responsibility to take action.

A hungry lion cannot eat an elephant all by himself, but an army of ants sufficiently large can devour the beast in a few hours. By educating you and others in America, we can end this tyranny and restore the Constitution FOR the united States of America.

The Constitution Club is a platform with a website created for each and every one of the 3,142 counties in the united States. The purpose of the websites is to provide the people in each county to connect and communicate with the people living in their local community/

We do not require our members to pay anything for the information provided on the website, but participation will be required. We would also like to ask each of our members to share this website with their friends, neighbors and countrymen. To escape the tyranny and bondage, we must realize that along with liberty we have a responsibility to hold our government officials accountable or assemble a new one under the rule of law. 

We make a big mistake when we believe what the so called experts tell us. The hidden agenda of the current, corporate government is to keep us in the dark so they can pick our pockets.

Don't allow a false government to take American freedoms from you. When you comply with unjust laws, you give your consent to tyranny. A free man will question authority while a slave will simply do what he is told.

Use the mass located between your ears to decide what's right. Don't trust your government to do it for you. When a law is just, you should obey it, but when a law violates an individuals life, liberty and property it is your duty to refuse to comply with it.

This website has been created for the benefit of liberty minded individuals. Much of what we have been taught in the government schools is simply not true.

In order to determine what is and is not true, you need to study the facts and when you discover the truth, you then must act. In the past five years I have spent thousands of hours building the Constitution Club website because I believe in this message.

I challenge each and everyone of you to educate yourself on the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility. Please like and share that which is posted on the website on Facebook and Twitter. Invite your friends, neighbors and country men to visit the Constitution Club website. If you are able please support us in our efforts to restore our Constitutional Republic/


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I haven't spent as much time here as I would like but every time I am here I like what I see. So what do you think of Comey's performance yesterday?  I thought his stonewalling was as effective as Gowdy's pointed questions. Have loads of respect for Gowdy. 

I see our country currently under two administrations. One legitimate and one not so much. With two governing entities running at the same, each the opposition for the other I cannot see how this end well.

Hello Valerie,

I agree with you. Mr. Comey's performance has been less than we desire. The way I see him he is probably a good man. He is just a link in the chain, that has been wrapped around us all. If the system changed, and we all quit playing games like we were children, I believe he would be own our side. There is a new group here at the CC club that I think has the best answer.
It is called AmericaAgain. Check it out. I learn a lot, and it gave me a new hope.

Thanks for being here,


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