There seems to be some confusion in the patriot community on the topic of driving.  Do we the People have an inherent right to drive our automobile on the public roads without a license?

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I am still up in the air about this. I think not,,,

Illegals drive without a license, or insurance, now and no official cares. Open it up to everyone. Eliminate speed limits on interstate highways too.

driving is defined as a commercial task in these fictional corporate foreign agent occupier's purporting to be lawful government's codes, rules, statutes, etc. Traveling is a natural right so yes, you are free to travel the roads for personal, not for hire actions however, they have enforcement at the barrel of a gun to see to it that all had better be good little slaves and most are suckered into consent and compliance to their jack booted purported authority.  

Traveling is a natural right. Driving is pretty much as I defined above.  

No there is nowhere in the Constitution that said we have the right to drive. We have that right as long as we have a valid driver's license. I am 57 and never thought I would see our Nation come to the Nation it has become. It saddens me so much. The decline in morality and division of this country has become very dangerous. We need to get on our knees and get God back into our lives and our country. 

Good Grief Dan !

Just how ignorant are you ! ?

Read the liberty documents produced throughout history that the founders relied on to produce this country's Declaration of Independence , Articles of Confederation , U.S. Constitution , Bill of Rights , Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers .

Then add to these with additional reading of the dozens of other leading proponents of the Liberty and Freedom movements throughout history to enlighten you on just how foolish and shamefully ignorant you really are !

The division of this country is due to the ignorance of the citizenry !


Yo! Don't be so high handed. Educate the guy. We all need a little help from our friends now and then.

Your a traveler in your private life Dan, not a commercial driver. Check out Carl Miller.

You know i actually told an officer that i was traveling a few weeks ago and he spinned it back on me and asked if it was a motorized vehicle. I forgot that it's an automobile defense and did not have the civil liberty cases won to rebuttal. I knew what i was talking about but the words were lost at the time of the incident...i got a few tickets.

The states are still not granted the authority to regulate the private use of the public right of ways in regard to people who are only citizens of a state.  They were granted in their state Constitutions the right to control the commercial use of them.

Here is what is actually happening:  The gov is pretending everyone is a 'citizen of the United States' aka US citizen. This is a citizen of the fed gov via the 14th amendment.  A citizen of DC.  DC is under municipal law and the 14th has not been deemed to secure the right to use the public highways as one pleases for private travel.  It is under the 'needful rules' doctrine wherein the gov can make and impose any law or rule it can prove is 'needful' in regard to public safety, national security, etc.  Basically it is under the law of limited communism.

Since such people have not right to use the public highways, the states simply impose commercial laws upon private activities.

Also, the common law courts have long ago been replaced with legislative courts, leaving the gov on all levels with only 2 operating branches of gov [ just like in DC ].  When you go into a statutory court, you cannot argue about [ common law ] rights secured by the state constitutions because those courts cannot see them.  When you are in one of the current courts, it can only see you as a fed citizen because they have absolutely no authority over people who are only citizens of their state and not a 'citizen of the United States [ fed gov ].

So, if you want to fight a traffic ticket for being a violation of your rights, you have to do it by a jurisdictional challenge - wherein you state the court itself lacks the authority to hear a case in which you, a citizen of your state, who 'is not' a citizen of the United States is an accused.

This could also be done with a demurrer. The law and codes are behind you, but the judges will ignore the law and claim your challenge is a motion and claim the right to simply dismiss it.  Welcome to the reality that America has a lawless communist gov.

There shouldn't be any confusion Kirk. No offense, the confusion does exist; in the u.S. but as a whole. The Patriot Community; at least on this site should have already been educated on the subject of travelling without a license. I know, I wrote a few articles on this. Check out the following for more on this:

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If that's not enough to satisfy anyone, you can always go see Driving is a Profession, posted in Public Comments & Discussions or even check out how to defend this right of Travel by going to the Guru himself, Rich Iverson.

You can also check out Right to Travel from Keith.


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